EPSA releases fixed-price quality Cat generator package for a secure power supply

Grab this chance to secure a permanent power supply at a special price – install a special Cat generator package that includes full installation and is ready to switch on in response to the next power black-out – call 1800 423 240

In response to the power supply crisis forecast by the Government this summer, Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) has released a reliable and innovative solution, powered by Cat.

Essential for every rural business, and farm, this package includes a compact Cat diesel engine generator fully set-up for automatic power. It will be configured to switch on in times of power failure. It offers very low maintenance costs and is a full-proof guarantee against power failure.

EPSA’s Senior Manager for Engines, Rental and Project Marketing, Marcel Heijkoop says the company is very concerned about some findings highlighted in Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s independent review into the National Energy Market (NEM) that was released in June.

In particular Marcel points out, “The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) forecasts a potential supply shortfall in Victoria and South Australia following the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station. This has raised concerns about the NEM’s ability to maintain a reliable electricity supply during the FY2018 summer. Prudent actions are required to manage this risk.”[1]

“At EPSA, we have a long history of supporting customers through these types of issues and are prepared for what’s forecast to be a turbulent summer. That’s the driving force behind the release of this exclusive fixed price retail offer for the compact, outdoor-rated new Cat 11kVA genset package, which is perfect for semi-rural and regional residents who could suffer from blackouts.”

“The Government’s recent announcement of its $36 million program to pay households and businesses across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia to turn down their air conditioning, furnaces and cool rooms to stave off blackouts during peak demand is acknowledgement of the crisis,” adds Marcel.

“It’s being fuelled by skyrocketing power prices and grid instability, and exacerbated by our tedious relationship with Mother Nature. What we’re offering is a smart, reliable and importantly, low-cost solution for those who demand and require power security and stability. Fuel running costs for the Cat 11kVA are as low as $2.90 per hour and maintenance costs are minimal. It’s installed complete with automatic standby power in times of power failure.”

“The package is available fully installed and commissioned from only $19,000 + GST. Installation will roll out from 1st January with the first service free. The package includes full safety certifications and 4-year warranty in standby mode, and local parts and service support means owners can expect and trust in Australian reliability 24/7,” Concludes Marcel.

This special package is available now, call 1800 423 240 or proceed direct to the web for more details at:  https://www.energypower.com.au/catcompact-com-au/default.aspx