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Cyclone Silos engineered to last

Cyclone Silos
On farm grain storage is an important strategy for all grain farmers. The decision to deliver at harvest, or store and sell when the market is best can make a significant difference to a farm’s bottom line. But maximising the value when ready to sell is particularly dependent on
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Jadan one-person hay handling and stacking solutions

Based in Cowra, NSW, Jadan Enterprises specialises in equipment solutions designed to make it easy for a single operator and tractor to collect, stack and transport hay. Jadan’s bale stacker range includes popular models for farmers, contractors, produce stores and horse studs. From t
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Caterpillar D3 Series skid steer and track loaders

CAT D3 skidsteer
An innovative approach to matching attachments to loading and handling machines is evident with the new Caterpillar D3 Series wheel skid-steer and track compact loaders. Each of the 16 models can ‘recognise’ implements from the Smart Attachments range and automatically configure the l
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Williamson-Agri will build CT rippers to special orders

Williamson-Agri understand the challenges of opening up new cropping paddocks by ripping, in preparation of sowing the ground down for future no-till planting. And in addition, Williamson-Agri’s range of efficient deep rippers can handle the disruption required for getting rid of prof
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BOSS Agriculture is an all Australian success story

Boss Agriculture
BOSS directors have worked their way through countless improvements over many years to settle on a model design that simply gives growers what they have been looking for. By listening to what their customers wanted, the BOSS planter bar and air seeder cart evoked plenty of enthusiasm
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Schinckel Opener Series front rake prevents crop damage and wastage

Schinkel Opener rake
The innovative Opener Series rake from Schinckel Hayrakes is mounted to the front of the tractor and has simplified the task of hay raking while improving the crop quality. When used in combination with any type of rear rake (V, rotary or roller bar) the front-mounted rake pushes the
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Rhino Smoothbulk tipper and Grainmaster Silos have you covered

Grainmaster silos
The Davey Group (TDG) has expanded its operation to cater for the growing number of growers that are looking for the surety of local product availability over the next few seasons. If there was to be any import reduction, TDG will be able to fill any manufacturing void and will also b
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Sonic Boomsprays concentrate on spray coverage and build quality

Sonic 13048TRS Boom Sprayer
Sonic Boomsprays has over two decades of history in the local manufacture of boom spraying equipment for large scale growers and contractors. The company builds one of the world’s biggest capacity sprayers. The Ultra Sonic 13045TRS. With its 13,000-litre capacity spray tank with a 45.
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Briggs and Stratton files for bankruptcy protection

One of the greatest small engine makers of all time, Briggs and Stratton has filed for court protection under Chapter 11 of  the  U.S. Bankruptcy Code. With a us$6.7 million interest repayment not met on time, it became clear the company could not continue business under its present s
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