Get set for the Irrigation event of the decade – book your seat

Australia’s biggest irrigation event will provide a unique opportunity to discover the best way to boost productivity in the paddock. The Irrigation Australia International Conference and Exhibition will take place from the 13 to 15 June 2018 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney NSW. The reason the event is so popular is because it […]

Smart CAB will take you to the twilight zone and back

You are getting a preview of a Smart CAB for the first time. And we will be upfront from the outset, stop looking for a steering wheel, because there isn’t one. You simply don’t need it. The Smart CAB will be introduced as a multifunctional cabin for all self-propelled farm vehicles with the intention from […]

Bayer builds on machine knowledge to help growers maximise

Spraying weeds out of crops was in its infancy 40 years ago when the likes of Goldacres and other local sprayer manufactures started showing us how to control infestations over a wide area. But it has taken this long for chemical makers to start matching their product lines to the machines that deliver the best […]