Ease and precision combine in HARDI’s Saritor 62 Sprayer

HARDI’s Saritor Active 62 self-propelled sprayer is an exclusive Australian market release, designed with local conditions in mind. It represents a logical evolution from the Saritor 5500, as it has a larger capacity 6200 litre tank in stainless steel, fixed axles at 3 or 3.5m for improved boom stability and HARDI’s intelligent ActivAir nozzle control […]

Bourgault Series 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill is a big deal

Since its launch in Canada, there has been lots of hype about how Bourgault’s massive new drill was capable of transforming to only 5.6m (18.2-ft) wide and 5m (16.6-ft) high for transport. Equally impressive is the drill’s ability to manage transport turns with relative ease using its unique steering system. The company has two models […]

IB release a range of crates and bins you have always wanted

If you want to stock what your customers will love, see this quality plastic storage range that is hard to find. Your customers will smile about IB Pallets’ range of crates and bins. The largest most competitive range of high quality, high durability storage crates in the country. Bins for feed, rugs, recycling,storage, waste and […]

Welcome late boost to winter crop production in some states

A late season boost to production has held the winter crop in a range of 6 per cent above the ten-year average to 2015-16. This nudges the total winter crop production to 37.8 million tonnes for the 2017-18 season. The most favourable results for the 2017–18 winter crop harvest rests with growers in some key […]

Next generation baler wrapper is launched

You are getting a preview of the most outstanding Baler Wrapper combination ever released – it’s from leading manufacturer KUHN. Not all agricultural balers are created the same – and for farmers hoping to improve the productivity and profitability of their silage operations, a new baler-wrapper combination machine promises to transform the market. The FBP […]

Irrigators pumped up with John Deere irrigation power

Irrigation is the lifeblood of many Australian farms, and more often than not a John Deere engine is the heart that pumps that life-giving water. John Deere diesel engines deliver high-output performance and reliability to ensure irrigation pumps keep the water flowing when it is vitally needed in extreme conditions. When it comes to keeping […]

Massey Ferguson offers value with entry level self-propelled sprayer

Massey Ferguson has release an entry level self-propelled sprayer for Australia and New Zealand. The MF 9130 Plus has been introduced to fill the demand in the market for a robust model that offers exceptional value. The MF 9130 Plus will suit smaller and medium sized operators who will appreciate its simplicity, strength and will […]

Deutz-Fahr tractor fitted with a rotating cab for full panoramic view

For the first time a large agricultural tractor from Deutz-Fahr has been equipped with a lifting and rotating cab system that is infinitely adjustable with a turning range of up to 200 degrees. The hydraulic lifting and rotating cab system has been fitted to a Deutz-Fahr TTV 9340 Agrotron with a power range of 247kW […]

Aussie submersible cutter pump eliminates clogs

Traditionally, vertical column pumps have been used to handle livestock effluent, but a recent trend in Victoria shows dairies switching to submersible cutter pumps to eliminate clogs. We look at how one farm has made the change. Managing effluent efficiently on a dairy is paramount for animal health and welfare. The waste is often contaminated […]

Local producers get China ready for tariff cuts

With China extending tariff cuts at the end of the year to a range of Australian fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seafood and pork, local producers looking to access this lucrative market are being urged to start planning now. Demand for selected Australian fresh food is expected to soar when tariff cuts of up to […]