LubeCube is the best way to service all your engines

The LubeCube design came about in response to the need for a compact paddock service unit. Unique that a new 205-litre drum can be put straight onto the unit, and this removes the double handling of oils that similar units require with a built in tank design. Once you see this unit at work, you […]

It’s time to rethink your duals and fit LSW tyres to reduce soil compaction

Tractors are heavier and more powerful than ever before, and as a result, issues associated with soil compaction are becoming an increasingly common problem. Despite the obvious issues, many growers continue to run tyres that only worsen the problem – whether by choice or perceived lack of other options. But there are options and growers […]

Rebel kicks export goal with sale from Forbes to Sweden

Family owned machinery manufacturer, Rebel Equipment recently dispatched its first order to Europe in 2018 from its Forbes NSW workshop in central west New South Wales. Rebel Equipment’s Nic Rebellato said the sale was not the company’s first export, but was a milestone, as many more orders from overseas are expected to follow. It came […]

Franklin reaps the benefit of adding solar drive to pumps

Franklin now distributes one of the most dynamic drive methods available for solar pumping. And many change over customers are thrilled with how it provides a quieter and clean energy method of moving and pumping water. Known as the FHOTON SolarPAK, this system utilises Franklin’s proven solar technology with the latest FHOTON solar drive that […]