High speed precision planter also lays film in one pass

The Techni-Plant FL was simply on a wish-list in October 2014 when OneCrop, a start-up film technology company, approached local manufacturer Norseman to develop a precision planter that could also lay film on a commercially viable broadacre scale. The brief was to build a high-speed planter that could also cover the seed row with a […]

Cyclone Silos are generation backed

Cyclone grain silos are designed in Australia for local growers and have achieved the status of being a well-known and trusted brand. Cyclone Silos has at its very base the fact that all the units are manufactured at Jindera NSW with a proven reputation that spans many generations of farmers. Recognised as a major player […]

100 Years of John Deere Tractors

Part 1: The first 80 years – 1918 to 1998 In 1918 Deere & Co, the John Deere equipment manufacturer, entered the tractor market by paying US$2.25 million to buy the company that made the Waterloo Boy tractor. The Waterloo Boy was popular in America during World War I. It was based on a traditional […]