Fieldquip Slashers work out to 12.2m 40ft

Fieldquip started out as a home-grown farm equipment manufacturer back in 2004, and quickly grew into one of the most prolific suppliers of slashers and rotary mowers. The company was so successful it was incorporated into the giant Alamo Group in 2014. Alamo is a multi-national corporation with a unique focus on manufacturing Agricultural machinery […]

High speed precision planter also lays film in one pass

The Techni-Plant FL was simply on a wish-list in October 2014 when OneCrop, a start-up film technology company, approached local manufacturer Norseman to develop a precision planter that could also lay film on a commercially viable broadacre scale. The brief was to build a high-speed planter that could also cover the seed row with a […]

Cyclone Silos are generation backed

Cyclone grain silos are designed in Australia for local growers and have achieved the status of being a well-known and trusted brand. Cyclone Silos has at its very base the fact that all the units are manufactured at Jindera NSW with a proven reputation that spans many generations of farmers. Recognised as a major player […]

100 Years of John Deere Tractors

  Part 1: The first 80 years – 1918 to 1998 In 1918 Deere & Co, the John Deere equipment manufacturer, entered the tractor market by paying US$2.25 million to buy the company that made the Waterloo Boy tractor. The Waterloo Boy was popular in America during World War I. It was based on a […]