Sheep NN facial recognition technology prototype a world-first

Sheep in a huddle of more sheep looking at camera

If you currently know most of your sheep by sight, you now have a back-up with the world’s first sheep facial recognition software expected to be launched in 2020. The idea is to eliminate the need for costly electronic identification or ear tagging and the prototype swings into action this year after the company behind […]

Milk2Market launches the Milk Exchange digital supply chain

Cows lining up

  The Australian independent milk services company, Milk2Market, has launched the Milk Exchange (MX) for the Australian dairy industry. Its aim is to create a more transparent digital supply chain for both milk buyers and milk suppliers. The Milk Exchange is the first digital platform to buy and sell raw milk and offers a market […]

Roesner and SwarmFarm autonomous fertiliser spreader


Roesner Pty Ltd, often pronounced as the leading spreading manufacturer in Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a fully autonomous fertiliser spreader in conjunction with SwarmFarm Robotics. The collaboration between the two Australian companies will focus on the integration the Marshall Multispread fertiliser spreader and i4M control system for variable rate […]

Kemin rebrands for the future

Kemin HQ

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, has rebranded with a new logo and new vision for the future. The company has operations on six continents and a portfolio of more than 500 specialty ingredients. It hopes to extend its reach into the lives of the majority of the world’s population by 2042. “By using our […]

Australian Precision Ag Laboratory welcomes a new partner

Two guys shaking hands

Independent laboratory Australian Precision Ag Laboratory (APAL) has welcomed a new partner into the business with the arrival of Sam Bald as co-managing director. The move sees APAL establishing an office in Melbourne, where Mr Bald is based, adding to its existing offices and labs in Adelaide and Perth. Mr Bald will focus on business […]

Timely data can help boost grain yields

Landmark has partnered with crop health analytics startup FluroSat to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agronomy services provided to growers. The partnership has seen the integration of FluroSense with Landmark’s precision agriculture Echelon program and will help growers make informed and timely decisions for the health of their crops. Over the winter growing season […]

 Goldacres trailed sprayers cover all base

Goldacres Prairie Pro

Goldacres is proud to be a wholly Australian owned and operated business and now uses the Australian Made logo to reflect that status. As a local industry-leading manufacturer of spraying equipment, Goldacres is driven by its philosophy to provide farmers with equipment and technology that delivers results. The company consistently strives for innovation, quality and […]

Sonic Boomsprays of WA are large scale specialists

Sonic Boomspray

With Sonic it’s all about the build quality and massive volume. Sonic Boomsprays is based in the wheatbelt town of Narembeen in the grain growing districts of central WA. The company has more than two decades of experience in the local manufacture of boom spraying equipment for large scale growers and contractors. During this time […]

Beverley Hydra Boom

Beverly Hydra Boom

Beverley Hydra Boom sprayers have your broadacre requirements covered. The family owned Beverley Hydra Boom business builds its sprayers in the Avon Valley, Western Australia. The original Hydra Boom, designed by local farmer David Adams, was revolutionary at the time as instead of manually folding booms it used hydraulics to lift and fold. That farmer […]

Rocks Gone Reefinator

Rocks Gone H4 Reefinator

The H4 Reefinator turns rocky land into profitable crops. The world’s most unique deep ripper and rock crusher, the Reefinator, has been upgraded to a hydraulic tine machine the release of the RG-H4.  This new model is able to work at depth through difficult rocky soil, extreme hard pans and paddocks full of stumps.  When […]