MAXAM debuts solid telehandler tyre

MAXAM has introduced the MS709 solid telehandler tyre to its range of construction tyres. The tyre is made from 100 per cent rubber and its two-stage construction is designed to provide durability and a high standard of ride quality. A reinforced centreline eliminates lug flexing and tearing that can occur in solid telehandler tyres and […]

Euro 7 Emissions Standard upgrade likely to be adopted in EU

But don’t fear any change here, in Australia we still run with Tier 3 engines that produce enough particulate matter (soot) to strangely kill anyone overseas but that are apparently not a health issue according to our local authorities The adoption of Euro 7 emission laws for cars, vans, trucks and buses in the European […]

GRDC tackles crown rot in winter cereals with research investment

GRDC has put up the funding to lessen the impact of Crown rot from winter cereals through an innovative breeding program A big investment from GRDC put into place to identify and track the genetic traits for crown rot tolerance and resistance is being labelled a potential game changer for grain growers battling the disease […]