Robotics Plus launches Prospr as a multi-use autonomous vehicle for agriculture

Prospr will initially employ its autonomous ability with orchard and vineyard growers to replace manual labour Prospr has been launched as a fully autonomous modular platform to replace workers for a variety of tree crop and vine tasks, including intelligent spraying with much improved efficiency. Prospr is the brainchild of New Zealand-based agritech company Robotics Plus who […]

Cane growers get access to research expected to boost production

A five year plant breeding program has revealed how genomic selection can double some key aspects of sugarcane growing Researchers have proven that genomic selection can successfully predict the performance of key sugarcane traits, with the technology set to improve plant breeding outcomes in the crop. The program is the culmination of five years of […]

Freshwater plant and algae with methane-reducing ability for livestock feed

Methane reducing properties of red seaweed has prompted a research team led by Deakin University to examine freshwater stock feed alternatives A mix of algae scooped out of a Victorian waterway and a species of amphibious grass plucked from a stream have both been found to reduce methane production by up to 24%. The discovery […]