4Farmers sell Farm Chemicals at the right price

4Farmers made the first ever inroad to fairer herbicide and pesticide supplies and is now expanding that operation into more supply locations

4Farmers is expanding its supply chain into more eastern states and this Australian owned company has the objective to lower farm chemical costs for local growers

When 4Farmers was established the company had one simple goal, and that was to supply farmers with the best value agricultural chemicals available.

And while farmers in the eastern states may not be as familiar with the name 4Farmers as those cropping in the west, that is a situation 4Farmers is keen to change.

4Farmers has previously had minimal representation in the east but are now on a drive

to appoint more supply outlets and renew the expansion operation into more eastern cropping regions.

By providing local access to the same low ag-chem prices WA farmers have seen since 1994, eastern state farmers can now enjoy that opportunity.

Access can be as simple as opening an account directly with 4Farmers, nominate your local distributor, and request a delivery.

When 4Farmers was formed in 1994, it concentrated its efforts on WA farmers and has gone about the business of supplying herbicides, pesticides and adjuvants at a much fairer price than farmers had access to previously.

For many growers bearing the brunt of high prices at the time, it appeared suppliers worked off the principal of a price point of “what the market will bear” and it was this practice that enabled 4Farmers to supply Chlorsulfuron in 1995 at half the price of other suppliers.

Growers in eastern states will soon have better access to well-priced chemicals through the 4Farmers network where they will find their farm operation will run more efficiently by organising product orders they are likely to need well in advance

Through the efforts of 4Farmers to provide low-cost chemicals, growers were able to adopt a whole new range of crop protection strategies that were previously too costly to contemplate particularly in the eastern regions of the WA wheatbelt.

Looking at the current 4Farmers operation, it is solidly backed by a team of professionals with background in management, distribution, and technical support.

This support derives its roots from current and ex farmers, agribusiness professionals and scientists. 4Farmers offers a unique blend of practical experience and technical skills at hand.

Armed with a broad product range, and with a widespread distribution network of local agents and small, flexible management team, 4Farmers is well equipped to get the right product to the right place when it is required.

There is already a quality widespread network of around 30 local 4Farmers agents and distribution locations throughout regions of WA, SA and Victoria, and now with an expansion into New South Wales and Queensland will see 4Farmers offering the best industry knowledge Australia-wide.

4Farmers customers will get the full backing of both the on-ground and ordering team that will strive to supply a reduced cost for growers

Changed industry for the better

With emphasis on balancing price with quality through bulk buying and in-house production, 4Farmers was an instant hit when it first began its operation, creating a much-needed impact on high costs in the marketplace.

And as a result, the increased competition immediately brought down prices in several lines that 4Farmers was offering.

The people behind 4Farmers were themselves farmers and understood the importance of agronomy, working with local conditions, and ways to improve production.

The experience 4Farmers has gained is passed onto their clients, including on-going

paddock trials from where information goes back to the 4Farmers agronomists and lab technicians, and they weigh up different ways to improve their product effectiveness whenever required.

Another way of achieving a significant improvement in value is to have a more thorough discussion on input requirements, such as a more exact chemical level with a 4Farmers rep.

For example, a grower aiming to save $2.50/ha of costs, and spending $50/ ha on chemicals, only need to trim their bill by 5% to achieve a real saving.

This translates across a cropping program of 2000ha into a $100,000 chemical bill, and if more carefully planned the cost can easily be reduced by $5,000.

Of course, buying quality is imperative, but 4Farmers also look to buy quality, cheaper. 4Farmers chemicals are lower cost and great quality, therefore better value.

And on top of savings made, 4Farmers backs its products with access to experienced expert technical advice to help growers objectively weigh switches to more economical generic chemical strategies.

From start to finish the 4Farmers team will be on hand to give advice and support

Efficiency added to convenience

There is a team in place at 4Farmers that can give qualified advice and support growers at all stages of crop development.

Sales team members are experienced in the ways of Australian ag and in-house agronomists are experienced and accessible by phone.

The service doesn’t stop there as 4Farmers will often deliver direct to farms and aims to have extra product on hand in case of high season demand. They understand the importance of having product available in a timely manner.

Working with their customers 4Farmers emphasises just how important it is for their staff to know paddock rotations and expected planting area well in advance and from there the appropriate chemical levels can be secured.

From this knowledge, an early order is the best strategy to make sure 4Farmers will have all the products on hand that you require.

All suppliers want to avoid supply and production issues such as local production bottlenecks due to the shortage of some ingredients like solvents or even packing materials or drums. 4Farmers is no exception.

Seasonal conditions such as the rain breaks that came in the eastern states following three years of drought, saw Glyphosate supplies flip from feast to famine. In both these cases, early indications, forecasts and orders can all help to alleviate or at least, manage this situation if it arises.

The solution is to deal with 4Farmers early so that product requirements are known well in advance, and supply can be guaranteed.

4Farmers customers like Denis Palm from Mukinbudin WA can often save money by switching to an alternative such as Pendimethalin instead of Triluralin when barley grass becomes an issue

Deal with a 100% Aussie owned company

Australians love buying from locally owned companies and when they supply products that are Australian made, even better.

A recent survey by 4Farmers confirmed how 88% of farmers want to buy from an Australian owned company, they ranked it as highly important.

A similarly high proportion of respondents indicated that buying Australian made had a significant influence on their purchasing decisions.

It’s time for Aussie farmers to back the all-Australian-owned 4Farmers.

Watch out for the 4Farmers logo as it represents value

The effective reduction of Aussie owned companies from competition has been a long-term concern and the situation will only improve if farmers make a conscious effort to support local companies and keep strong competition alive.

Take a look at some of the big names on plastic containers around the farm and it’s an easy survey to establish the bulk of Aussie farm profits is going overseas. FMC – USA, ADAMA and Syngenta – Chinese, Bayer and BASF – German.

But make no mistake, 4Farmers welcomes free trade, competition and innovation. 4Farmers doesn’t agree with protectionism that adds to the costs of Aussie farmers; like Nufarm’s 35% protection duty on Chinese 2,4-D products, or tariffs on some international Trifluralin.

Instead, 4Farmers would prefer to get behind Australian companies competing on their own merits, beating the foreign competition with better value and no government props.

In the case of 4Farmers. The company is 100% Australian owned and all the profits stay on our shore.

In addition, approximately 70% of the chemicals sold by 4Farmers are blended and made in their own plant.

Take a peek at 4Farmers TV on this link

That supports more local jobs, and more money stays here. If farmers care about buying from a local company that makes a lot of its products in Australia, the clear choice for farm chemicals is 4Farmers.

The 4Farmers vision remains as it was at the start of its operation over 25-years ago, a company dedicated to the needs of local farmers.

With the core business of manufacturing and distributing as directly to farmers as

possible, a wide range of quality agricultural chemicals, 4Farmers emphasis remains on working with low overheads and tight margins to ensure local farmers get a fair and competitively priced product.

Make the switch to an Aussie owned chemical supplier, as 4Farmers welcomes all the new customers from the eastern states they will be working with this season.

Contact 4Farmers Australia about your farm chemical requirements with a Freecall on 1800 038 445, by email: sales@4farmers.com.au or by fax: +61 (8) 9356 3447.

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