A stark warning on the need for ambitious climate action revealed in IPCC report

The IPCC Assessment Report released today is “a stark warning that ambitious action on climate change is urgent,” Australia’s peak science body has declared.

“The science is crystal clear – ambitious action on climate change cannot be delayed,” said Science & Technology Australia President Associate Professor Jeremy Brownlie.

“The science has been telling us for years that we need to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, or we risk catastrophic climate tipping points.”

“This latest report shows the time for serious action to limit greenhouse gas emissions is now. We will reach a 1.5 degree increase a decade earlier than previously thought. It shows global leaders need to be more ambitious than the Paris climate targets.”

“In Australia, we’ve already seen dramatic changes in our weather and climate. We face longer and harsher droughts, our rivers and water systems are under severe stress, and we’re seeing terrifying new bushfire behaviours. Our farming communities are on the frontline of risk if the climate continues to change unchecked.”

“This IPCC report brings together the most comprehensive expert evidence from across the world, with 234 top scientists from 60 countries drawing on over 14,000 climate papers. The case for more ambitious action could not be more urgent – or more clear.”