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Australasian Farmers’ & Dealers’ Journal (AFDJ)

Australasian Farmers’ & Dealers’ Journal (AFDJ) has been published since 1984 and is recognised as the main industry news source for contacting farm machinery and equipment distributors, and farm supply stores. It covers news, information and products from manufacturers, importers, suppliers and dealers, large scale farm producers and contractors. AFDJ connects local and overseas companies to the most active dealers, farm supply resellers, large scale farming enterprises and farm contractors.

AFDJ is also the main industry reference guide for Field Days, expos and rural conferences. AFDJ provides the leading Field Day pull out guide, with the most information and easiest quick reference.

AFDJ has an audited circulated to over 5,500 of the most active Agronomists, farm consultants, dealers, farm supply resellers, manufacturers, distributors of farm machinery and to the biggest buyers such as largest-scale farming enterprises and contractors, four times a year – February, May, August and November.

The print editions are kept as a permanent reference while the AFDJ website offers continuous breaking industry news and regular seasonal articles relating to all products and services and any urgent industry changes regarding the purchase of farm equipment and supplies for cropping, beef, sheep and dairy enterprises.

AFDJ is proud to be a mouthpiece for all the field days committees throughout Australia where farm services and products can be seen first hand.

Large scale farm producers and contractors that want to gain information published from a manufacturer and dealers, can readily obtain information from past articles by searching the back issues section of this website.