Agricast High strength replacement wear wheel for cultivation

Agricast High Strength Wheel
Computer design and testing created Agricast’s robust and long-lasting High Strength Wheel for cultivation

Agricast of the UK recently announced selling one thousand of its High Strength Wheels, less than a year after bringing the design to market.

The 1,000th wheel formed part of a consignment to Australia that included an order placed by Springfield Hay of Cowra NSW to help produce their quality lucerne and cereal hay.

Agricast introduced the High Strength Wheel in September 2018, following intensive research and development work, that resulted in a 610mm (24-inch), eight-spoke design.

The company claims the new wheel is significantly more robust than traditional designs.

As well as being stronger than alternatives, Agricast’s High Strength Wheel is significantly cheaper than comparable wheels and fits most leading machines.

Agricast replacement high strength wheel
Agricast claims the new 610mm (24-inch) eight-spoke wheel is significantly more robust than traditional designs.

Agricast said a lot of time was spent on computer designing the ring to ensure it was as strong as it could be. Load analysis and extensive testing ensured the wheel is robust and long-lasting.

Unlike other rings on the market, the key advantage of the Agricast High Strength Wheel is that the wearing edge of the ring still contains plenty of metal compared to its rivals.

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