Agrowplow Deep ripping expertise reclaim the nutrients

Agrowplow’s AP91 deep ripper is designed for controlled traffic farming with working widths of 6, 9 and 12m (19.69, 29.53 and 39.37ft), with a fully welded frame made from 200x200x9mm RHS

The scissor action of Agrowplow’s Number 9 Shank breaks back along a wide arc, allowing it to overcome submerged obstacles like rocks and tree stumps

The biggest costs in agriculture are often from unknowns.

Often pondered is just how long until the next rainfall, what is the price of grain going to look like in six months, how much is soil compaction costing.

The challenge of current farming is trying to make these unknowns known.

We can’t know for certain when to expect the next rainfall but can make predictions based on climate and weather and dry sow at the optimal time.

We can’t know what the price of grain is going to do, but we can make a best guess by dealing with experts and deciding whether to store or sell.

We can’t know exactly how much soil compaction is costing, but we can take steps to remove it as a problem and ensure future crop productivity is unaffected.

“Our goal at Agrowplow is to ensure we help farmers know that their soil is as productive as it can be. We want to take the guesswork out of ameliorating soil constraints by providing farmers with machinery they know they can trust.” said managing director Shannon McNab.

“It starts with a frame. Our 9mm thick RHS steel is designed to resist warping while ensuring we minimise frame weight and keep the draft requirements low.

“Our frames might look a little bare-bones, but that’s because in forty years of manufacturing we know an open frame design makes maintenance and adjustment easier.

“We know an open design lasts longer, which is why you’ll see some of our earliest rippers still hard at work to this day” added Shannon.

“Of course, nobody buys a ripper for the frame design. Without the undercarriage, a plough is just scaffolding on wheels, which is why we put so much effort into making sure our shank designs are up to the task.

“We know there are bigger players out there – expensive machines designed overseas and imported to Australian farms.

“It’s easy to be impressed by expensive TV ads that claim fancy engineering from Germany, Canada, and the US.

“We also know that farms in Germany, Canada, and the US are very different to Aussie farms. We know none of these machines is designed to handle the sandy soils of Western Australia or the cracking vertosols of Australia’s south-east.

“We know importers haven’t had to handle the heat of an Australian summer or the long drive just to visit the local machinery dealership, and we definitely know they haven’t had to deal with the drop bears.” Shannon said.

“This is why our shanks are the product of years of research, development, and iteration.

Agrowplow has taken on board customer feedback that has led them to start work on additional 500 and 750mm (20 and 30-inch) shank spacing options
Agrowplow’s AP71 deep tillage range offers two working width at 4.5 and 6m. And run 11 and 15 shanks respectively

Because we know that a strong shank design means the job gets done right the first time.

“We know that our narrow shank profile means lower draft requirement – that means lower fuel costs. We know that a full-length shin guard means greater protection for the shank, which keeps maintenance and parts costs down.

“And we also know a blade toughened with tungsten tiles, rock-teeth, and hard facing means a longer lifespan and more effective subsurface shattering.

“We make our shanks tough enough to handle whatever soil conditions they’re put in, because we know sometimes the choice is rip now, or don’t rip at all.

“That’s why we offer rigid and hydraulic shank options with multiple spacings, depth options, and breakouts – from the massive 4,790kg breakout at the blade of the Number 9 Rigid Shank, to the extra-long scissor-action recoil of the Number 9 Hydraulic Shank, to the leading trailing shank design of the AP91 that allows it to rip up to 600mm (24-inches) deep.” Shannon added.

“We also know that we can’t do it all ourselves, which is why we’ve invested in strategic partnerships with agronomists and researchers like the University of South Australia.

“By listening to the experience and feedback from experts from across the agricultural industry, we know we’re providing farmers with the tools they need to customise our deep rippers to suit their needs and their country.

“It has been this feedback that led to the development of our shank-mounted inclusion plates that allow topsoil slotting and develop pathways for deeper plant root development while minimising additional draft requirements.

“It led to the development of our shank sweeps and winged blades that widen the shattering effect to maximise the amount of subsoil shattering without lifting or inversion.

“It has also been this feedback that has led us to start work on additional 500 and 750mm (20 and 30-inch) shank spacing options to better suit the needs of our customers.

“Our goal is to provide farmers with the tools they need to make the unknown known.

Now more than ever farmers need access to the tools they need to make their farms  prosperous and profitable – tools that allow them to overcome soil constraints and maximise plant prosperity.

“Tools that offer high returns without costing the world in fuel and maintenance costs. Tools that are reliable enough to work this season as well as they will three, four, and five seasons from now.

“We can’t always know what the future will bring, but we can know what our customers need and strive to deliver it every time.” Shannon concluded.

Agrowplow knows what its like for operators to work during a hot, dry Australian summer – and how much difference it makes running strong shanks with an equally strong breakout
With over forty years of manufacturing an open frame design Agrowplow knows this makes maintenance and adjustments easier and the frames last longer

Agrowplow offer a deep ripper to cater for every possible farm size and soil operation.

The two frames in the AP11 range work across 1.65 and 2.31m (5.4 and 7.6ft) and are set with 5 and 7 shanks. Working depth is 400mm (16-inches).

The two frames in the AP31 range work across 2.31 and 2.97m (7.6 and 10ft) and are set with 7 and 9 shanks. Working depth is 400mm (16-inches).

Agrowplow’s AP71 deep tillage range offers two working width at 4.5 and 6m (15 and 19.69ft). And run 11 and 15 shanks respectively.

Standard working depth is 450mm (18-inches) while the optional 600mm (24-inches) is also available for more forgiving ground.

Agrowplow’s AP81 deep ripper is configured as either a 17 shank model with a 9m (29.53ft) working width and 529mm (21-inch) spacings or as a 23 shank model with a 12m (39.37ft) working width and 522mm (20.5-inch) shank spacings.

Standard working depth is 450mm (18-inches) or optional 600mm (24-inch) recoil shanks.

Agrowplow’s AP91 deep ripper is designed for controlled traffic farming widths of 6, 9 and 12m (19.69, 29.53 and 39.37ft), with a fully welded frame made from 200x200x9mm RHS.

The trailing tines consist of a single row of shallow leading tines working in-line at depths of up to 450mm (18-inches).

This then reduces the draft force required by the following tines set to penetrate down to 600mm (24-inches).

The AP91 uses Agrowplow’s exclusive no.9 shank for deep ripping in tough conditions. It runs in a scissor action – the shank breaks back in a radial motion to reduce any chance of breakage from hitting a heavy object.

And to back that up even further, the shank has a massive 4790kg (10560lb) maximum breakout force for the rigid shear shanks and 1846kg (4070lb) breakout with hydraulic recoil shanks fitted.

The Agrowplow range of deep rippers is rounded off with the specialist Cotton Bed Renovator.

This model is available in 4, 6 or 8m (13, 19.69 or 26ft) working widths with a side bust or centre bust shank configuration.

The shanks can work at a maximum depth of 450mm (18-inches) and have a maximum 771kg (1700lb) breakout at the blade.

For more information on the expanding range, or becoming a dealer for Agrowplow contact Davimac farm machinery on tel: 02 6366 8584, or go to:


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