AusCut heavy-duty slashers make their mark with all-Aussie quality

When AusCut began manufacturing the most current slashers designed for heavy-duty operations it opened the door to a whole string of requests for more product lines

You are looking at a slasher on steroids the TurboTopper from new local manufacturer AusCut who started out with the best built heavy-duty slashers seen for quite a while and developed them into a very welcome trash handler out to 12.24m for large-scale growers

AusCut Global was formed from a whirlwind of ideas in 2021.

Much of it accumulated from the owners’ 30 years of experience in agricultural manufacturing through their previous successful tillage manufacturing company and 50-plus years of experience in farming

The overriding reason for the company’s formation was the desire to bring high-quality, Australian manufactured product lines to an agricultural machinery market solidly behind buying local.

The owners of AusCut were in a unique position to hit the market running, full of knowledge on how to manufacture the product lines farmers could rely upon, and with the very latest design patents.

Solutions for farmers quickly flowed

The release of AusCut’s first product lines, the Commander and Bravo heavy-duty slashers set the scene for a new home-grown entry into local farm equipment manufacturing.

The introduction of these models created a forward trajectory of sales, on which the AusCut team cemented its place in farming history and has never slowed down since.

Soon after, followed the flexwing AlphaCut slasher and these models quickly became a machine that changed the way farmers viewed what a slasher was actually capable of, cementing the praise of the brand even further.

Now, with the introduction of the TurboTopper, AusCut has established its place within the broadacre slashing and mulching market.

Slashers and toppers from AusCut

AusCut management placed a great deal of faith in the fact they could design a better slasher than what was being offered in 2021 when they released the Commander and Bravo model lines.

The designers realised the benefits slashers can offer for residue management once the crop has been harvested and built AusCut slashers to fill that role.

And while the Commander and Bravo lines were efficient and effective in clearing crop residue, farmers also lined up to buy these models for pasture topping and slashing grass and regrowth.

The Commander slasher is the entry level model of the AusCut range. These compact three-point linkage models are ideal for any heavy-duty agricultural applications. Built for rugged conditions, its versatility has also allowed it to fit into demanding vegetation control projects run by councils and contractors.

The Commander range of slashers has three-point linkage units that offer cutting widths from between 1.8 to 2.44m across, and offset slashers from 1.8 to 2.1m across.

While the Bravo line is built as a heavy-duty farm slasher with options for single and twin spinners. The Bravo has been able to deliver perfect results for all farming operations.

The Bravo offers three-point linkage units with cutting widths from between 1.5 to 2.44m across, and heavy-duty twin spinner models from 2.95 to 3.55m across.  

With the success of the main-stream Commander and Bravo came the call for a heavier duty, wider cutting models, as a result the flexwing AlphaCut slasher was released.

This powerful slasher is built to handle stubborn weeds and dense crop residues and is designed as large trailing unit that also folds up hydraulically when required to get between jobs quickly.

And while the Alphacut is ideal for managing crop residue and pasture topping with an even residue distribution. This model has also been embraced for large-scale grounds maintenance and mowing contractors working across vast areas and removing roadside vegetation.

The trailing Alphacut models have cutting widths from 5.1 to 6.5m, with a cutting height from 45 to 400mm and all models are able to be folded to just 2.5m wide for transport.

AusCut designers were coming off a hat-trick of success when they announced their latest release, the TurboTopper.

It was important for the designers to come up with something special in the broadacre marketplace, and what they decided on was a topper that requires less power and fuel than older design heavy-duty slashers.

Take a look under the dome and note the smaller rotors and additional blades for more accurate cutting and sizing of stubble. The TurboTopper is designed as the perfect slasher for residue breakdown without disturbing the soil structure.

The forward-fold design with front wheels also makes this unit more stable and able to achieve a more accurate cutting height.

The linkage units from the TurboTopper range can work across 3.1 and 3.6m and can be drawn with a 74kW (100hp) and 88kW (120hp) tractor respectively. While the trailing units working across the same 3.1 and 3.6m widths only require tractor power of 62kW (85hp) and 74kW (100hp) respectively.

The two big units in this range cut across 9 and 12.24m respectively and their forward-fold design enables them to be folded to 3.49m for quick transport to the next location.

AusCut promises much more

Farmers from across the country are placing orders and this success has paved the way for further design and manufacturing of models in other farming segments.

With the introduction of the BulkaBlade range of heavy-duty box graders, AusCut unleashed a desire within the team to begin providing quality machinery throughout the whole agricultural equipment market.

BulkaBlade box graders have been designed for heavy-duty grading with a walking beam axle for solid ground following ability and a swivel tow hitch to ensure the blade stays level across rough terrain.

The build of the BulkaBlade is impressive, it’s a fully welded heavy-duty construction with adjustable 12mm Bisalloy steel plate side skids. There are three models in the most sought after working widths of 3, 3.6, and 4.5m.

Currently, AusCut are in the pre-production stage of introducing broadacre land rollers and aerators to the product stable.

Adding more products contributes to their mission to produce high quality locally manufactured farm equipment that provides a high Return on Investment (ROI) and will perform efficiently and effectively in all areas of the ag market.

AusCut staff understand that by putting their long-term knowledge into quality manufacture of local models, they can cultivate a solid relationship with customers, and in turn grow and expand with a range of products that meet the needs of all farmers.

Dealer network expansion

AusCut understands that farmers know the product that they are using better than anyone else, so getting feedback and applying it to the design is key to their product development.

And with the recent addition of staff to the sales team, the company is ready to focus on expanding its dealer network, and that will add to its ability to better serve all the new customers coming on board.

Along with their desire to give customers the backup service they need at all times, the AusCut team will also continue working closely with their dealer network to support them and ensure they get the best possible recommendations from working with this local manufacturing company.

Dealers can get more information about territory opportunities on this link, or by calling tel: 02 6341 3383.

Current Promotion

AusCut wants to thank customers for supporting their local manufacturing business, and as a result, has a welcome offer for new buyers.

Any purchase of AusCut products in May and June 2023 will be entered into a draw for a $5000 Flight Centre gift voucher. The winner will be announced in early July, on the AusCut and AFDJ websites. See competition details on this link.

Check out the most recent heavy-duty slashers released by a local manufacturing company on this link or get more information by calling tel: 02 6341 3383.

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