Aussie customers get dose of Field Days fever

Australian Pump reports tremendous success at AgQuip where their products were featured on NFS and Sprayer Barn stands. The Aussie Pump team sensed a new confidence in farmers and a general moving away from third-world products towards top quality Aussie Pump products, designed for durability and performance.

The company showed a wide range of self-priming fire-fighting and water transfer pumps as well as an extensive range of the company’s unique Aussie Scud pressure cleaners.

“The ‘Pocket Rocket’, our 3000 psi model AB30 Honda-powered machine, went over like a dream” said Aussie Pumps’ distributor manager, Brad Farrugia. “This compact machine is built into a heavy duty hot dip galvanised frame and comes on four big steel wheels with flat free tyres” said Farrugia.

The high pressure and performance end of the machine is the ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pump with ceramic pistons and brass head. “Farmers complimented us on the development work we’ve done since last year and the new products that have been revealed since then” said Farrugia.

Aussie’s Fire Chief was the star of the show and the new SX version with super high head and powered by a Honda GX160 attracted a lot of attention. The SX  Fire Chief was developed to provide farmers with a high performance, high pressure fire pump at a lower price.

“Twin impeller systems are expensive so we solved that problem by turning a single impeller pump into a product with the performance of a twin” he said, “It’s a winner for anybody needing that extra grunt!”

The company claims the new SX version of the Fire Chief can be used in product applications as diverse as fire-fighting to dairy wash down, stock crate cleaning to high pressure, high head water transfer.

Other products that made a big impact at the show included Aussie’s Ag Spray package where genuine Honda engines and full gal frames are part of the standard kit.

“AgQuip was a blast for us with record sales indicating that farmers are talking with their chequebooks” said Farrugia. “What they’re saying is they’ve had enough of third-world products, they’re professionals, they know what they want and they won’t settle for less”.

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Shown in the photo are two very happy Aussie customers. Hannah and Paul Listree, were thrilled to be taking home Aussie’s high pressure 4,000 psi AB42 with its genuine Honda engine.