Aussie Pumps harder with help from Italy

PA’s Aldo Barilli and Aussie Pumps High Pressure Division Product Manager Ron Ord
PA’s Aldo Barilli and Aussie Pumps High Pressure Division Product Manager Ron Ord

Australian Pump Industries recently held talks with visiting PA senior export executive, Aldo Barilli, area manager for SE Asia and Oceania. Source: AFDJ eNews

PA is a leading high-pressure water blaster accessory manufacturer located in Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy.

Mr Barilli briefed Aussie Pump’s senior executives on new developments that will help boost business in the high pressure water blaster accessories market.

Aussie Pumps buys large quantities of PA accessories for its Australian manufacturing program and also for sales to aftermarket operators.

“PA accessories are made to ISO9001 Standards and are compatible with high pressure water blasters of all makes and types,” Aussie Pumps Product Manager Ronald Ord said.

“Our huge buying power, driven by our manufacturing program, means we get the lowest cost and, we are pleased to pass that on to consumers and distribution centres across Australia.”

Australian Pump has been working with PA for almost 20 years and enjoys a partnership and cooperation that has been particularly useful for both parties.

“The innovative functional engineering carried out by Aussie Pumps has had a direct impact on our design and development work in Italy” said Mr Barilli. “We owe Australian Pump a lot for their frank exchange of ideas and design initiatives.”

PA’s new products designed for tank cleaning, guns, lances and unloaders for use in machines up to 1000 bar (11,500 psi) will lead Australian Pump to the development of new products for the appropriate industries involved.

Australian Pump designs and manufactures high-pressure cleaners, building machines with capacities up to 500 bar (7300 psi).

The new PA accessories will allow the company to move into the 1000 bar market sector backed by PA’s design and production capabilities.