Aussie Pumps and Hatz team-up to develop simpler service kits

This simple service kit developed by Aussie Pumps and Hatz will get you off to a good start as it includes essential filters, gaskets, and sufficient top-quality oil for the first service

Australian Pump recently aligned with Hatz Australia to produce a range of self-priming engine pumps suitable for firefighting, high pressure water transfer and dust suppression on construction sites. The company chose Hatz because of the engine’s major advantage, low noise and fuel economy.

The company has worked with Hatz to develop a simple program engine service so that kits can be supplied for the first, 2nd and 3rd regular engine service for the pump engine unit on its initial purchase.

“That way the customer has got all the parts he needs for the engine overhaul from the very beginning”, Chief Engineer, John Hales said.

Aussie Pumps started working with manufacturers of lightweight single cylinder diesel engines to produce service kits 5 years ago. The driver was the remote locations that many of the high pressure pumps, pressure cleaners and even hydrostatic testers perform these functions.

The range of pumps produced at Aussie’s Castle Hill NSW facility with German built diesel engines represent a great combination of performance and economy.

The engines have excellent torque characteristics and are ideally matched to the superb hydraulics of the Aussie Pump impeller/volute designs. It’s that combination of performance and fuel economy that gives the Aussie Hatz product its edge.

“We don’t suggest end users set out to do engine overhauls unless they are competent technicians” said Hales.  “The Hatz parts kits for single cylinder 1B20-30 and Kit Number 2, to suit 1B40-50 have the essentials for any routine service”.  He said

The kits include essential filters, gaskets, and sufficient top-quality oil for one service.

They include a handy user document that explains regular 8-15 operating hour maintenance procedures, as well as detailing a 250-hour essential service.

“Hatz are terrific at this, the maintenance documents even show the checking of valve clearances, cleaning instructions “or air intake and fuel water separator as well as a handy trouble shooting guide” said Hales.

Detailed service instructions are also part of the document for 500 and 1000 hour services as well.

Aussie Pumps and Hatz have gone to a lot of extra trouble to make sure life is easier for the user and even include a handy service sticker on all engines that provides indispensable engine service data.

“If parts aren’t available, some customers simply don’t service the engines or they do a makeshift job. They may not even use the correct oil” said Hale. It’s asking for trouble. We want all our customers to have a great experience with their light air cooled diesels”.

Further information on Hatz powered self priming pumps is available from Australian Pump Industries at or from your local Aussie Pump dealer: