Aussie Pumps is dedicated to water use efficiency

Aussie Pumps Field Days Team
The Aussie Pumps dealer support team hit the road for their tour of Field Days shows.

With the recognition that making the most of any available water is a top priority around the country, Aussie Pumps launched its “Drought Buster” program late last year, designed to introduce farmers to more efficient ways of moving water at all levels.

As part of this program, Aussie Pumps made available its range of high pressure self-priming centrifugal pumps powered by Kubota diesel engines. These portable pumps are available as either 76 or 101mm (3 or 4-inches) and come in heavy-duty galvanised steel frames. Most have electric start as standard and can move water at rates of up to 2,600 litres per minute.

The “Drought Buster” pumps are offered on 90-day payment terms, through qualified Aussie Pump dealers.

It’s just another way that Aussie Pumps recognises the plight of farmers and at the same time acknowledges that feedback from the farming sector has helped it develop what is the most advanced range of self-priming centrifugal portable pumps in the world.

The big pumps have been on display at field days around the country as part of this year’s program.

Another Aussie product finding applications in the farming sector is the Aussie Cobra drain cleaner, which is helping piggeries quickly and effectively clear blocked drains.

With 4000 or 5000psi on tap, the Aussie Cobra makes short work of blockages and can also be used as a pressure cleaner for routine maintenance wash-down.

The same principle applies to feedlots, chicken farms and even for machinery wash-down applications.

For dedicated pressure cleaning work, Aussie Pumps has its Scud cleaners, are now being built with stainless steel frames, eliminating rust issues.

For more information on Aussie Pumps high pressure self-priming centrifugal pumps, or to locate your nearest dealer, go to:


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