Aussie Pumps looking for Gold Dealers

Aussie Pumps-sold-gold-distribution
Michael Beacon and his team at Beacon Equipment support Aussie’s line-up of pumps and pressure cleaners.

With its pumps designed, developed and manufactured right here in Australia, Aussie Pumps has become a genuine local success story over the last 25 years. While the company stands behind the quality of its products and its competitive pricing structure, it also attributes a large part of its success to the dealers it has partnered with, calling them “Gold Distributors”.

Aussie Pumps Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz, said there is no point having a great product if nobody knows about it so in its early days the company went looking for dealers who were financially reliable (the company couldn’t afford any bad debts) and had the knowhow and technical knowledge to be able to not only sell the product properly but to support it as well.

“We chose Honda dealers, Stihl dealers and other key dealership candidates who were prequalified as complying with our needs” said Hamish.

Since then the company has established a national dealer network, supplying a range of product lines using Honda, Yanmar, Kubota and even Hatz as power equipment drives.

“We focused on Honda petrol engines, Yanmar and Kubota diesels and, for those Mercedes Benz driving farmers, we even build Hatz powered product as well” said Hamish.

The company decided to call their distributors “Gold Distributors” because they saw them as being of solid gold value.

“The quality of the distributor is everything” said Hamish. “There is no point having a great product distributed by an amateur. That never works.”

Success stories are now a legend with Warrego Water, Wiggies, Sprayer Barn, Southern Cross Darwin, and Brierley Hose & Handling, multiplied hundreds of times all around the country.

Aussie Pumps has grown significantly in 25 years but still calls itself lean and hungry with profits ploughed back into stock and product development. Aussie Pumps are now shipped all over the world.

The company is always looking for new Gold Distributors in areas where they don’t have a presence.

“Nobody drives 500 miles to buy a firefighting pump or a pressure cleaner” said Hamish.

The company’s mantra is that the product must be located close to the point of consumption in order to capture the market share that the company’s product range deserves.

Interested in being a Gold Distributor for Aussie Pumps? Get in touch and get the complete Gold Distributor prospectus.