Aussie Pumps ready to protect national parks

Aussie Fire Chief pumps are to be installed on the new Category 9 firefighting units for the National Parks and Wildlife Service

Sydney based Australian Pump Industries has won a contract to supply 280 diesel-drive Aussie Fire Chief pumps for the mobile firefighting unit of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Australian Pump has worked closely with National Parks over the last 25 years in supplying a specially configured version of their Aussie Fire Chief high pressure pump.

“To drive the pump, we use a Yanmar 3.5kW (4.8hp) Model L48 single cylinder diesel engine and close couple the pumps.

This makes it a very compact mobile unit, important as space is at a premium on the back of a Land Cruiser ute,” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales.

The fire Chief pumps will be installed on the new Category 9 firefighting units, which are compact 4WD vehicles.

They are seen as an essential tool for fire crews to access fires in some of the most rugged and remote areas of New South Wales.

ICR’s Engineering Director, Ian Reeks said “The Aussie Fire Chief with Yanmar diesel is the heart of the system. We have used a high-tech approach to the design and configuration but, it is the pump that will have to do the work when the chips are down” he said.

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