Automated irrigation at its best with WiSA

WiSA customers have the added advantage of dealing with one of the longest running farm automation companies in Australia. In 2018 WiSA registered 21 years of helping growers vastly improve their produce and yields – we take a closer look at why WiSA is so popular

WiSA has developed specific solutions for flood irrigators with proven success. The solutions available now allows growers to manage an entire irrigation system from a PC.

Using real-time weather, soil and environmental data from the farm, the WiSA irrigation software is easy to operate and gives total control to any size irrigation structure.

Growers need to take advantage of the most current and effective irrigation solutions as it will increase yields and certainly save on input costs

The WiSA system has already successfully produced significant savings in time and water usage while still being able to deliver increased production and yield.

At the core of the irrigation management system offered by WiSA Irrigation Solutions is how to make use of water more judiciously. In addition the system is proven to be able to help increase crop yields and quality of the final produce.

Numerous growers of citrus, grape, olive, fruit, nut, paddock and hydroscopic vegetable producers have all been able to reduce water consumption but still produce healthier plants and higher quality produce.

Foremost with the WiSA irrigation management system is to monitor moisture control to maintain crop quality.

The system is able to gather accurate soil moisture monitoring, through weather data and sensors that control water and nutrient application. This ensures that the right amount of water and nutrients are applied at the right point of time in the growing cycle.

WiSA Irrigation Solutions uses a PC interface as a central control system and this can be connected with either a telephone or internet connection.

A personal computer allows WiSA to make sure that growers get the benefit of full data retrieval as the system collects accurate data without delays.

The desired outcome from WiSA is automation of the full irrigation management system with soil moisture conditions indicating any required changes in irrigation flow.

The weather sensors are also important as they indicate when frost protection functions should be activated.

With accurate weather, crop and soil information readily available it enables growers to make decisions about when and how much to water the crop.

This eliminates the risk of over-watering. Saving both water and money.

The WiSA system also helps growers remove salinity and save on fertiliser costs.

WiSA offers numerous irrigation control products such as a Radio Transceiver, Radio Power Head, WiSA Control 8 Module, WiSA Hybrid 4/4 Module, Serial Module and Radio Base Station.

WiSA Irrigation Solutions are also distributors of AquaLink Irrigation Control Software.

The WiSA Radio Transceiver enables a radio link between base station and field satellites as it transmits signals up to five kilometres.

The WiSA Radio Power Head comprises of solar panel, 12V battery, radio transceiver and antenna. These are all mounted as well as completely ready to wire into the required modules, Hybrid 4/4, Serial, Control, or combination of modules.

It offers enough power in order to operate WiSA modules and DC Latching Solenoids.

The WiSA Control 8 Module will control eight output that comprises of lights, pumps, valves, heaters, fertigation and coolers.

For advice on how to use water to its best advantage many growers turn to WiSA – a leader in automated irrigation for open irrigation as well as a range of specialist industries including horticulture, viticulture, pastoral farming, forestry, parks and gardens.

For all specialist irrigation application contact WiSA on tel: 1300 887 380, or email: see more of the control systems at:

The WiSA system works in the rows of some of Australia’s best known wine labels and has shown to help prevent frost damage, heat stress and disease

WiSA is the viticulture and horticulture specialist

While the WiSA vineyard irrigation system is simple to run, it does piece together the smartest water irrigation management that has been developed over the past 21 years of being at the forefront of automating vineyards.

The WiSA system is proven to save time, money and water. In many cases running off remote control from a smart phone or mobile device.

Working in the rows of some of Australia’s best known wine labels, the WiSA system has shown to help prevent frost damage, heat stress and disease.

Grapes in particular produce better quality fruit if water and nutrient availability is managed to encourage root growth.

A WiSA system effectively improves plant health and horticultural practices by ensuring the correct amount of water and nutrients are applied at the right time.

As there are only a certain number of productive days from flowering to full ripe,

a WiSA system means precious time is not lost to water logging or unnecessary stress due to lack of water.

An Angove Family Winemaker had this to say, “Angove Family Winemakers are proud and privileged to have had a long and successful relationship with WiSA.”

Andrew Peace Wines are another long-term customer, “With our WiSA system every aspect is integrated to ensure maximum efficiency.”

More well-known customers in viticulture include:

  • Kendal Jackson Wines- USA • Nyah Vineyards • Brown Brothers
  • Otuwehero Estates- NZ • Coriole Vineyards • Rymill Coonawarra
  • Dayleswood Wines • Snobs Creek Estate Wines • Jaengenya Wines
  • Yarra Valley Vineyards
The WiSA Intelligent Irrigation System can operate wind generators, heaters or any other equipment designed to protect crops. It runs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week ensuring that crops are continually protected

WiSA AquaLink connection

WiSA has employed Aqualink to enable growers to perform all functions required to monitor and control their irrigation and environmental sensors.

AquaLink ensures that the irrigation system is performing at its most efficient level by monitoring flow meters, pressure sensors, flow switches and other electrical sensors continuously.

Sensors can be linked to specific valves and pumps, and total flow can be checked against the current set of valves open. Powerful, user definable macros within AquaLink allow users to determine exactly what action, if any is to be taken if a problem does occur.

The software can integrate any number of field units, providing a consistent user interface regardless of size. It’s simple, easy to use design allows growers to fully utilise this powerful tool, whether using only 4 probes and 4 valves, or for a very large system.

Aqualink provides alerts and warnings via e-mail, SMS or direct dial. Users are updated with any issues or events immediately.

By continually monitoring weather and environmental conditions, AquaLink can respond instantly to situations such as frost, high temperature and high wind. In fact, any sensor connected to the system can initiate a priority or protective irrigation event.

And protection doesn’t stop there, as the Intelligent Irrigation System can also operate wind generators, heaters or any other equipment designed to protect crops. It runs 24 hours per day, 7 days per week ensuring that crops are continually protected.

In manual mode, the system functions as a fully configurable data logger, downloading data from the field units, and presenting the information as required. Valves and pumps will only start when the user decides and will remain open until the grower closes them with a click of the mouse.

In semi-automatic mode, it expands into the most configurable and flexible timer on the market. Fully featured programming and flexible start times gives growers the ability to irrigate when and how they desire.

In fully automatic mode, growers are provided with total irrigation management, responding instantly to the changing conditions, continually maintaining the desired growing conditions with a speed and precision unrivalled by any other irrigation management system.