BKT adds CFO technology to IF and VF tyres to reduce soil compaction

Increasing your implement and haulage load and getting a reduction in soil compaction is the advantage BKT’s IF and VF tyres with CFO technology can offer

BKT has added Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) capability to its VF and IF tyre lines that enable them to withstand up to 55% of a standard tyre load without increasing the inflation pressure

BKT is now offering a wide range of IF AND VF tyres with CFO technology to increase load capacity by up to 55% to a large footprint to reduce soil compaction.

It has been a priority for big broadacre operations for some time to reduce soil compaction, and it is now especially important due to the bigger and heavier implements being introduced.

Machinery and tyre manufacturers have been working towards a more sustainable line of agricultural tyres, and the result is the VF and IF tyre lines.

VF stands for Very-high Flexion and IF for Increased Flexion tyres and to date have proven the best response to alleviate any soil compaction issues as they have a large footprint area and only require low inflation pressure.

These product ranges that have enabled agricultural machinery to cope with heavier loads up until now have now been joined with upgraded CFO technology.

BKT has added Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) to several of its tyre ranges including AGRIMAX TERIS available in six IF sizes with CFO marking as operators increase load capacity and still want the benefit of reduced soil compaction

Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) is now a special marking that appears after the nominal diameter of the rim in the case of IF or VF drive-wheel tyres.

It specifically identifies tyres developed for agricultural machinery employed in cyclical field operations. It encompasses robust tyres with a large footprint working in cycles of heavy load moving that can also include weight peaks.

One of the most obvious examples is when running combine harvesters during a busy harvest along with the accompanying grain carts towed by a tractor.

For these vehicles working at harvest, a significant weight increase has been recorded in recent seasons when compared to other equipment and this is where CFO can make a difference.

Normally, an IF radial tyre can withstand more than 20% of the load compared to a standard radial tyre. However, if the tyre has the CFO marking for cyclic field operations, it can withstand even more than 55% of the load without increasing the inflation pressure.

AGRIMAX FORCE is one of BKT’s most successful products for harvesting operations along with cultivation and haulage with high-power tractors is now offered in 21 IF sizes with CFO marking

In addition, tyres with the CFO marking are particularly suitable for wet or muddy paddock conditions during harvest or planting.

This is due to a larger footprint on the ground and additional floatation ability. With both IF and VF technology, combined with proper planning, growers have increased harvesting opportunities.

The unique traits of CFO tyres lead to increased efficiency in all farming operations as well as enhanced tyre durability.

BKT is aware of the great advantages of CFO and has decided to apply this marking to several products.

The BKT AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tyre is available in two VF sizes and has been specially developed for combine harvesters and high-power tractors

Among these is AGRIMAX FORCE, one of BKT’s most successful products and it now offers 21 IF sizes with CFO marking.

This tyre has been specially developed for combine harvesters and high-power tractors used for transporting the harvest, for heavy load haulage and tillage operations.

Two other products perfect for harvesting operations that require solid traction in the paddock, plus high load capacities are AGRIMAX TERIS and AGRIMAX RT 600, available in six IF sizes with CFO marking.

An additional BKT tyre that benefits from the CFO marking is AGRIMAX V-FLECTO in two VF sizes.

This top-of-the-range tyre is designed to optimise the performance of high-power, current-generation tractors.

Just as CFO is specific to cyclical farm operations, BKT engineers work on the basis that every application requires the right product.

For this reason, through continuous dialogue with farm operations, BKT is committed to expanding and improving its range of products and finding solutions that suit multiple needs.

See more about the advantages of BKT IF AND VF tyres with a CFO marking on this link.

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