BKT offers an insight into tyre performance for stony and sandy cropping ground

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BKT AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, AGRIMAX TERIS and FL 630 tyres were shod to a tractor and harvester fleet where they came under a performance analyst

BKT allows farm managers to choose tyres for all types of soils and that way it’s able to facilitate any farm operation

Euston Farm in the UK was selected for this first-hand experience where farm manager Matthew Hawthorne runs a fleet of farm tractors and harvesters that chose BKT tyres expected to work well in the stony and sandy ground.

Euston Farm in the UK has a rich history, it was originally an exclusive retreat for the rich and famous and used as a resort for hunting, but has subsequently been converted into a fully working farm business.

The Euston estate is located on the border between the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk in Eastern England, immersed in a charming natural environmental characterized by spectacular timberlands and rivers.

The farming operation is now run by the Matthew Hawthorne, who plants over 4,200 hectares (10,378-acres) to grow grain, vegetables, pulses, but above all sugar beet, whose cultivation extends for over 280 hectares (692-acres).

Every year, Matthew Hawthorne and his work-force harvest over 16,500 tonnes of beet.

The ground work for the crop starts in March with sowing, while the harvest is done weekly or monthly across a long period from September to the start of February.

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO with VF technology makes it possible to maximise loads without changing tyre pressure and is the BKT solution dedicated to enable high-powered tractors to carry 40% more load than a standard tyre

During the planting phase around 50% of the land is ploughed and compacted, while the other 50% is worked without tilling, and direct sown.

Choosing a tyre to facilitate operations and which is suitable to the type of soil is essential, as Matthew Hawthorne explains: “Our paddocks are characterized by the combination of clay soils to the North and sandy to the South of the estate. The challenge is therefore to find a flexible product that is effective in all conditions.”

“I’m always looking for solutions that have a robust casing, so as to reduce the risk of punctures, given that the soil at Euston is full of flint, which is quite a sharp stone.

“Robustness, effectiveness and reliability are certainly the three characteristics which every tire must have.”

To meet these needs, Matthew has chosen to equip his fleet with BKT’s bestselling tyres, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, AGRIMAX TERIS and FL 630.

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is the solution dedicated to high-powered tractors, and guarantees top performance on every type of soil. Made possible by the VF technology.

With a long harvest period from September to the start of February each year it is important to choose low compact tyres

VF technology in this tyre makes it possible to maximise loads without changing tyre pressure, regardless of speed. It is therefore possible to carry 40% more load than a standard tyre in the same category.

With its wider tyreprint and tread, it guarantees reduced soil compaction.

The great strength of AGRIMAX-V-FLECTO is its robustness that ensures a product life cycle 10% longer than equivalent tyres, due to the ultra-resistant casing and the special reinforced bead.

The Euston estate chose AGRIMAX TERIS its harvesters and reapers.

It has been designed for excellent flotation capacity to limit any soil damage and is ideal for harvesting, with the added ability to support very high loads.

In addition, AGRIMAX TERIS is particularly resistant to cuts and impacts, such as any sharp stubble on the ground. This tyre offers a long lifecycle and reduced vehicle downtime.

For a flotation tyre to reduce impact further, Euston estate fitted BKT’s FL 630 for this purpose.

The FL 630 tyre offers excellent flotation capacity and reduces the impact on the ground.

And due to its robust structure, this tyre maintains perfect traction and a strong grip both on turns and during maneuverers.

The purpose design of the tread ensures good stability on every type of soil and gives the tyre additional self-cleaning capability.

“Another characteristic which I have especially appreciated in BKT tyres is their low-noise level during operations,” added Matthew Hawthorne.

“A function which is very important for us considering the nearby stock and homes that border on the estate. BKT has truly managed to meet my needs to perfection.”

Take a look at the planting and harvesting operations at Euston Farm at this live video link