BOSS Agriculture SX30P Single Disc Opener raises the performance bar

BOSS Agriculture can barely keep up with the throng of orders coming its way but still takes the time to make any improvements that will increase grower yields

The BOSS Fold Forward range of single bar planters from BOSS are available in 18, 24 and 36-metre working widths and can readily be coupled with the latest release SX30P Single Disc opener units with row spacings set from 375mm (15-inches) for winter sowing

BOSS Agriculture had everybody talking when the company released its SX30 disc seeder design in 2019, in time to plant for the 2020-21 season. It was a runaway success for growers lucky enough to run their rigs for the first time that season.

High on the list of best likes were the simple-to-use depth and pressure settings on all adjustments and the Increased ground clearance on the hub mounting arm for more seeding depth.

The build was also commended for growers working in heavy-duty seeding conditions who took advantage of the strengthened hub mount and axle crank arm to get across the ground with fewer incidents.

Growers also appreciated the SX30 being armed with 500mm (20-inch) discs for extra life and increased seeding depth. And they found consolation in the sealed for life heavy duty non-greasable bearings.

Overall, the BOSS SX30 Series row units performed well in all growing regions, but it was the Victoria growers that put them under the most stress.

The SX30 row units had to face one of the heaviest stubble loads on record in Victoria and added to the mix were some very wet conditions, an overall near insurmountable combination many growers dread.

BOSS Ag’s SX30 Series single disc row units stood up to the treatment and some high yielding results came from the season as a result.

The 18 metre BOSS Fold Forward is a perfect bar for many operations and with its bogie design coupled with an optional mid-frame wheel and wing pivot ensures great floatation and ground following ability

Following further success across the 2021-22 planting season where a mix of different frames was coupled with the BOSS SX30 units it was decided to raise the disc seeding performance bar further with the release of the SX30P Series row units.

The innovative SX30P single disc seeder unit has already proven its ability to perform in difficult wet and sticky ground, setting a current benchmark for disc openers in wet conditions.

The SX30P has undergone significant changes from the previous SX30 model. The seed bar now incorporates many new functions that were requested by growers keen to improve their yields.

The SX30P Series has been designed with several improvements that zero and minimum till growers will benefit from, including tool-free adjustments to depth and downforce during in-paddock operation.

There is now fitted as standard a 520mm (20.5-inch) disc that doubles the disc life, in addition, an adjustable long-life tungsten-tiled seed boot is included to improve accuracy.

Plus, the build incorporates sealed, maintenance-free disc bearings with a 6-lip seal throughout the service points for working in the toughest environments.

BOSS Agriculture has released its latest Single Disc Opener the SX30P with a unit weight of 130kg and standard 520mm (20.5-inch) discs or optional 450mm (18-inch) discs

While it is an addition to the standard build, many growers are also opting to include unique BOSS air-operated trash whippers for exceptional stubble handling and seed placement.

With a further option to include row-by-row Delta Force, an industry first, with downforce control that adjusts for every variation in the paddock for added optimal emergence.

Growers will appreciate the very simple depth adjustments, an optional spring-loaded seed tube, choice of press wheels and an operating angle to suit all soil types. When combined with a single bar trailing planter frame, seeding widths from 6 to 36m can be achieved.

A recent delivery to a Moree NSW grower included the factory fitted option of row-by-row Delta Force on each SX30P unit. This option can be fitted to control either press wheel pressure or gauge wheel pressure.

The minimum single bar spacing on the BOSS SX30P Single Disc Opener is 375mm (15-inches) with an underbar operating height of 620mm (24-inches)  

The 12m seed bar worked with a 12,000-litre steerable BOSS aircart with a 600-litre small seeds box fitted with a John Deere rate controller.

BOSS engineers are used to working with zero or minimum till growers that are constantly pushing the performance boundaries of current seeding and planting equipment.

In the development SX30P Series of single disc row units, BOSS has addressed many of the challenges zero/minimum till growers face.

These row units are effective at penetrating tight soils and are equally capable when faced with the sticky conditions sometimes encountered during winter planting.

The combination of an offset and undercut disc opener allows the SX30P single disc planting units to dig effectively without requiring an over-engineered heavy frame to force the row units into the ground.

To tackle the wet sticky winter conditions where stubble becomes more like bound rope, a combination of simplistic low-profile seed boots, floating cleaning wheels and an active mud scraper system has proven to be very effective in the BOSS minimum tillage build.

The BOSS Fold Forward design works as a sliding bogie assembly that slides forward when folded, transferring weight off the tractor drawbar to create a well-balanced machine ready for road transport at a folded width less than 4.5 metres

BOSS Fold Forward single bar planters

BOSS Agriculture has been working closely with local growers for more than 12 years to create solutions for planting crops as efficiently and precisely as possible.

This hands-on involvement has led to the creation of the most current range of Fold Forward single bar planters available to growers from a local manufacturer.

The forward folding design creates an extremely user-friendly bar that is simple to use and easy to manoeuvre with no extra pivot points behind the drawbar.

With a unique sliding bogie assembly that slides forward when folded, weight is transferred off the tractor drawbar to create a well-balanced machine ready for road transport.

The bogie design coupled with an optional mid-frame wheel and wing pivot ensures great floatation and ground following ability.

The BOSS Fold Forward range is available in 18, 24 and 36-metre working widths and when coupled with SX30P Single Disc opener units, row spacing from 375mm (15-inches) can be ideally set for winter sowing.

The single bar high lift design provides easy accessibility and adjustment as an operator can simply walk along the width of the machine and set the planting depth and downforce/closing pressure on these BOSS easy-to-adjust single- or double-disc row units.

The BOSS two-bar Bridge frame shown here is available is available in 12 and 18-metre widths and has a unique flexing centre and wing section allowing the frame to flex up and down and twist while maintaining seed accuracy

BOSS bridge frame designs

BOSS is offering a range of updated Bridge Frame designs, including a 24-metre, 3-bar double folding model available in row spacings from 300mm to 500mm (12 and 20-inches).

With a transport width of 8.5 metres, the bridge frame is said to deliver unrivalled trash clearance and optimum floatation.

Additionally, there is also a two-Bar Bridge Frame available in working widths of 12 and 18-metre (40 and 60ft) and engineered as a perfect choice for flat or undulating country.

This model also offers a unique flexing centre and wing section that allows the frame to flex up and down and twist over the length of the machine, enabling wider machines to be worked in uneven ground conditions while still maintaining seeding accuracy.

This BOSS 24 metre Bridge frame is a 3 Bar Double Folding model with row spacings from 300 to 500mm and a transport width of 8.5 metres

All BOSS products are manufactured in their Inverell NSW factory and have been specifically designed with local farmers and conditions in mind.

BOSS takes pride in building models with minimal ongoing servicing to keep growers in the paddock for longer.

For more information about the BOSS Agriculture ranges go to: and for your nearest dealer call tel: 02 6721 2677 Plus, take a look at how the current planting season is progressing in a season where every piece of ground is being planted, and it’s still not enough, on this link.

Current season progress

Plus, take a look at how the current planting season is progressing in a season where every piece of ground is being planted, and it’s still not enough, on this link.