Bourgault introduces the TruTrac Coulter System for smoother seed placement

With many growers faced with additional stubble from last season Bourgault is offering an ideal solution for effective stubble management while seeding

Have the confidence to tackle the toughest stubble and still get your seed placement where you want it with Bourgault’s just released TruTrac Coulter System

With growers across the country starting to plant after such a high growth harvest, many are now faced with very strong stubble stands to manage.

While many growers see the benefits later in the season of leaving stubble standing, they are quickly finding that following the previous bumper crop it is now leading to problems for this season’s planting, especially with tined implements.

Bourgault has stepped up and has introduced the TruTrac Coulter System to give growers a way forward without further issues.

The TruTrac Coulter System is highly effective as it consists of sharp cutting coulters in front of the seeding tines to cut a path through thick stubble for the seeder to follow.

Inter-row sowing has seen a resurgence lately, but problems arise when the bar isn’t able to follow directly behind the tractor or begins to skew on rolling or hilly country.

If you’re finding it difficult to keep your bar seeding between rows, the rigid design with solid cast components will keep your bar tracking true.

This why the Bourgault TruTrac Coulter System is so effective. Positioned in front of the seeding tines the sharp cutting coulters cut a path through thick stubble for the seeder to follow

Feedback from a lot of growers on spring-mounted coulters has shown that springs aren’t as effective in penetrating hard ground or cutting through the thickest stubble.

Hydraulic controlled coulters provide the best control, along with simple depth adjustment and also allow coulter isolation to on-the-go if the need arises.

TruTrac Coulters can help you get through your seeding program faster with not only less stoppages for blockages, but with increased sowing speeds.

During testing an increase in sowing speed of up to 2kph was observed in a variety of soil conditions.

With good ground penetration, the following knife doesn’t have to do all the work breaking the ground. With less soil shattering, there is a noticeable reduction in soil throw.

With Bourgault’s TruTrac Coulters fitted trails confirmed addition speeds of up to 2kph helped growers get through their seeding program faster including fewer stoppages for blockages

Have the confidence that you’re using the most durable equipment, with the low 250-hour maintenance intervals and durable cast components, you can reduce your downtime.

Farmers looking for a system that is suitable in their conditions can have the confidence of a product that was developed and tested in Australia for local farms.

The TruTrac Coulter System comes well developed and ready for the market, following an extensive testing program carried out in Southern NSW before being released nationwide. For more information about the TruTrac Coulter System contact your local Bourgault dealer from this link.