Bourgault Series 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill is a big deal

Operators aiming for the greatest scale of productivity see plenty of benefit in choosing the top of the line Bourgault 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill with a 30.5m (100ft) working width – that is able to fold-down for transport to just 5.6m (18.2-ft) wide

Since its launch in Canada, there has been lots of hype about how Bourgault’s massive new drill was capable of transforming to only 5.6m (18.2-ft) wide and 5m (16.6-ft) high for transport. Equally impressive is the drill’s ability to manage transport turns with relative ease using its unique steering system.

The company has two models in the 3420 range; both are fitted built to the same durable construction and ingenuity. The smallest model is at an ideal entry level for big operations at 24.4m (80ft), while operators aiming for the greatest scale of productivity see plenty of benefit in choosing the top of the line 30.5m (100ft) design.

Both sizes of 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill models are now available to local growers, along with all the current options including Bourgault’s unique “Quick Depth Adjust” configuration in either 254mm (10-in), 305mm (12-in) or 380mm (15-in) opener spacing as well as Bourgault’s renowned Mid-Row Bander system.

The 30.5m (100ft) Bourgault 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill is seen here being fed by one of Bourgault’s 7000 Series airseeders to offer massive productivity gains for the largest scale farm operations

These hi-tech drills come fitted with Bourgault’s LiftMASTER headland control as standard with automatic lifting and lowering of the openers on the headland as well as a new PackMASTER drill control option to help achieve uniform packing pressure across varying paddock conditions.

The smartest part of the 3420 drills is the TransFold system; controlled through an X30 Apollo full colour touch screen controller using the TransFold Wizard. It takes less than 3 minutes to complete, the wizard takes the operator through the fold and unfold sequences step by step with instructions on screen and only provides access to control functions related to that particular step.

Once rolling the operator uses the X30 to control 4 sets of steerable tyres to corner the long length of the folded drill easily. The unfold sequence follows the same procedure in a reverse order. In the paddock, a hydraulically controlled TreadLite flotation system applies a constant down force on each of two 21.5×16 wheels at the rear of the drill allowing the wheels to contour up and down independently over uneven terrain with no effect on drill frame height.

Fed by one of Bourgault’s 7000 Series airseeders, airkit capacity is also matched for high productivity and can be configured to benefit from Bourgault’s Auto Section Control (ASC) system.  Both the airseeder with or without ASC and the drill, are all controlled by the same X30 Apollo controller, this makes the in-cab fixtures handy and operator intuitive.

To see what all the hype is about, log onto the Bourgault YouTube site and see these big rigs in action. YouTube:

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