Bourgault steps up with a mid-row banders advantage

Bourgault will be offering one of the most effective planting methods this season – especially for soil lacking moisture – with their proven mid-row banding system

With dryer than usual ground conditions prevailing this season, Bourgault has an ace up its sleeve with its Mid Row Banders (MRB) for one-pass planting operations.

Even with limited soil moisture the coulter discs and narrow seed knives design offer the best method of preserving moisture and placing nitrogen fertiliser accurately.

Mid Row Banders minimise the risk of fertiliser damage to seed by placing the fertiliser between every other seed row.

This eliminates the risk of fertiliser toxicity and salt effect, and seedbed quality issues such as soil lumping and excessive soil disturbance resulting in a seedbed dry-down.

The MRB III fertiliser applicator is the most durable mid row banding system offered by Bourgault.

It is known for its extra strong engineered cast components with easy depth adjustment and hydraulic engagement control.

Once you get underway, the floating inside scraper maintains a good furrow in a wide range of seeding conditions.

The body of the MRB’s is mounted on parallel arms for a constant disc penetration angle regardless of depth

The MRB III’s are hydraulically controlled and the applicators are synchronised with the seed arms or shanks for efficient operation.

The body of the MRB’s is mounted on parallel arms for a constant disc penetration angle and seed boot or liquid tube orientation, regardless of operating depth.

The MRB III is relatively easy to adjust depth – plastic shims on the hydraulic cylinder are added or removed to achieve the desired operating depth.

The position of the scraper relative to the edge of the disc can be adjusted in fine increments.

And the operator is able to adjust the scraper/boot assembly to maintain the optimal scraper-to-disc position as the disc wears.

The long wearing large single bevel boron steel coulter is set to cut the soil just enough to deposit the fertiliser, and still retain moisture as the soil structure is more intact.

The downward cutting action of the MRB III coulter creates a narrow furrow to place fertiliser, and the retainer tine holds the soil down to help keep the soil structure intact as the disc moves through the soil.

Coulters on the MRB III openers also act as a keel, helping the drill to maintain its line behind the tractor.

For local growers, both the 24 and 30m (80 and 100ft) Paralink hoe drills are now available in QDC and XTA configurations with a choice of row spacings.

A big advantage of these wide working drills is that, in under 4 minutes, they fold to 5.4 and 5.6m respectively for transport. The rear wheels include steering that allows it to track along nicely on the turns.

Demand for Bourgault’s Paralink hoe drills in 24 and 30m (80 and 100ft) working widths will be strong this season, especially due to the narrow folding system.

Bourgault has one of the most extensive ranges of air seeders, air drills and cultivators available through a comprehensive network of dealers. Bourgault’s seeding implements fall into four main categories: Air Hoe Drills, Paralink Hoe Drills, Cultivator Drills and Coulter Drills.

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