Case IH Patriot 2230 is a compact package

With Case IH’s Patriot 2230 you get a compact lightweight sprayer with a solid frame – a 2500-litre product tank with boom lengths out to 27.4m (90ft), a 45kph top speed with ground clearance of 1.58m (5.2ft)

Case IH’s Patriot 2230 sprayer has compact dimensions but in fact offers the highest clearance of all the Patriot models with 1.58m (5.2ft) of clearance between the ground and chassis.

Its small physical size makes it an ideal selection for vegetable producers and specialist growers looking for the most precise application.

Able to package 2498-litres of product onboard it gets its power from a Case IH FPT 6-cylinder, 6.7-litre engine that reaches rated power of 129kW (175hp) and then offers additional power boost up to 140kW (190hp).

The hydrostatic transmission is full time 4-wheel drive with four speed ranges can be shifted on the go. Top speed is 45kph.

The boom is a heavy-duty construction made of large, rectangular tube in a truss-style design and the AIM Command Flex spray system with an 8:1 speed range helps productivity by controlling product flow and pressure precisely, and optimising rates and droplet sizes for consistent application regardless of speed and ground conditions.

The 4-wheel independent suspension system is built to absorbs shock loads and holds up in the most challenging terrain.

Manual wheel track adjustments kick in at 229 to 305cm (90 to 120-in), while there is an optional hydraulic adjustment from the cab with manual stops at 5.1cm (2 in) increments.

Case IH engineers have opted for a forward cab position with a rear-engine design for their Patriot range, and the 2230 carries these same traits as it allows for a lighter footprint that in turn minimises rutting and soil compaction.

The turning radius is 6.9m (22.7ft) For more information about Case IH’s Patriot 2230 see your local Case IH dealer or go to: