Case IH RB5 Series round balers offer high density in a perfect shape

With Case IH’s RB455 round baler expect to produce superior shaped bales with good density up to 1.5 metres in diameter while the RB465 runs the finished bale out to 1.8 metres

Precision and consistency are the hallmarks of Case IH’s round baler range, with recent improvements now taking the range up a notch for producers seeking better returns on the product they can offer.

The latest variants of RB5 Series balers from Case IH is the result of three years of worldwide paddock testing, and the result is the RB455 and RB465 models that offer superior bale shape and the density that comes from greater control and certainty in the paddock.

Tim Slater, Case IH Product Manager for Hay and Harvest, said the RB455 and RB465 variable chamber round balers had increased capacity in all crops, and produce bales of up to 1.5 and 1.8 metres in diameter respectively.

Both models are fitted with a dual cylinder hydraulic density system.
“The two cylinders have 2000 psi, providing more force than a single cylinder at 2600 psi – increasing bale density and consistency across the bale, resulting in higher silage quality and better-looking bales,” Tim said.

In recent updates to the series, in-cab bale density control has been introduced and this allows adjustments to the bale construction much quicker and easier for the operator, who never has to leave the cab.

“This improvement was made in response to customer feedback and it certainly makes a huge difference for a farmer to have the ability to customise the bale that’s produced,” Tim said.

“Depending on the individual crop and conditions, a producer may want to change the final bale profile, and the end-purpose of the bale can also be a determining factor in the bale core density.”

The operator can quickly and simply swap from a soft core bale to be put through a feed mixer to a well-rolled hard core bale to be rolled out.

Both the RB455 and RB465 models are fitted with a dual cylinder hydraulic density system with each cylinder applying 2000 psi – more force than a single cylinder at 2600 psi – this helps to increase bale density and consistency resulting in higher silage quality and well-presented bales

Another update to the RB455 and RB465 models has been a change in the sledge and tailgate rollers, a big improvement for the operator in that it significantly reduces the clean-down time, maximising in-paddock efficiency.

Other RB5 Series’ upgrades include:

  • 5 bar pickup for high capacity baling
  • Hydraulic drop floor for fast and reliable unplugging
  • Best-in-class belt designs for reliability and durability
  • In-cab adjustable density control
  • ISOBUS Tractor Connectivity with user-friendly operator interface
  • Modern styling

“The design of the RB455 and RB465 round balers allows them to operate at high speed with a high degree of precision, meaning the crop you spent so much time and money on will end up where it belongs, and not left on the ground,” Tim said.

An increase in the number of pickup reel bars on the RB5 Series results in more consistent feeding, a more efficient movement of crop from the pickup to the feeder, and more tines to get all of the crop picked up, particularly shorter crops.

RB5 Series balers also come with ISOBUS Class 3 automation, and when coupled with an appropriate tractor, stops the tractor when the target bale size is reached.

This allows for automatic application of net wrap to the bale; and automatically raises and lowers the baler tailgate to eject the wrapped bale.

“These RB5 Series balers represent Case IH’s ongoing commitment to quality hay, operator efficiency and maximum durability, producing the perfect bale, every time,” Tim said.

For more information about the Round Baler range, see your local Case IH dealer or visit the Case IH website at