Midwest takes the harvest front lead

Queensland based manufacturer Midwest Fabrications changed the face of harvesting when the company designed and released an 18.3m (60-ft) draper front. Prior to that, the largest harvest cutting platform available from manufacturers across the world was 13.7m (45ft) in width. This was seen as pretty much as the widest front that could be maintained with the harsh conditions the fronts had to endure. This well credentialed firm had been steadily increasing the size of its harvest cutting platforms for the past few years, leading to this groundbreaking point in harvester front history.
Midwest Fabrication director and design engineer Martin Schutt are confident that even wider harvest platforms is the only way forward and as such have taken out worldwide patents on their innovative exclusive designs.
Take a closer look at the Midwest cutting platforms from 7.6 through to 18.2m (25 to 60ft) available for most brands and large class eight through to class ten combines.
Midwest Fabrication manufactures and distributes patented Midwest draper platforms and parts through an authorised dealer network across Australia. Call for your nearest dealer on tel: 07 4662 2137, by fax: 07 4662 2138 or by email: or go to

Miller Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel

Welding Industries of Australia has released the most versatile piece of farm equipment ever designed, the  Miller Bobcat 200 Air Pak Diesel with the ability to offer three functions with just the one machine, including providing Air, Power and Welding. 
This one machine does it all. The Bobcat 200 Air Pak will free up a lot of space in your workshop and  also reduce the weight on your Ute, SxS or truck so that you can take all the tools you need to get the job done onsite. Plus, with one machine instead of 3, you’ll save time on maintenance as well as costs on fuel and servicing. 
When you need a portable option for complete onsite maintenance the Miller Bobcat 200 Air Pak that runs on diesel will always be up to the job.
This is what you can use the Bobcat 200 Air Pak for: GET AIR ON DEMAND WHEN YOU NEED IT 20CFM idle or 30CFM at full speed. DELIVER THE POWER YOU NEED ON A JOBSITE 6,500 watt generator power for electrical tools and more. MIG, STICK OR DC TIG WELD METAL REPAIRS 210 amps of power for all your welding repair needs. QUICKLY CHARGE  12 AND 24-VOLT BATTERIES 100 amps of DC power. 300 amps of crank assist.
For the most versatile piece of farm workshop equipment ever released, see more here or call now on 1300 300 884.
Watch the video now, on this link.

Incitec eNpower AllCrops Catalogue

Nutrition for the long run…

Incitec has released eNpower™ 18:20 that contains the nitrification inhibiter DMP in IPF’s patented DMP-G formulation. DMP works by inhibiting nitrifying bacteria in the soil, slowing down the conversion of ammonium N to nitrate which is more prone to loss.
ith conventional nitrogen fertilisers, ammonium N is converted to nitrate N in 1-3 weeks*. Heavy rain or irrigation can cause any nitrate N that hasn’t been taken up to be lost through leaching in sandy soils – or through denitrification in heavier soils.
If it’s time for nitrification to occur… reach for eNpower™ 18:20.

Arag 2024 Catalogue

The latest ARAG catalogue reveals how ISOBUS retrofits are available for leading sprayer models right across Broadacre, Viticulture and Horticulture to extract pinpoint accuracy for most farm equipment badges. In addition, ARAG also offer a Seed rate controller and Spreading controller as retrofits to bring older units right up-to-date with more accurate applications.
Check through the catalogue now, and then call ARAG direct on tel: 08 8359 5377, email: or see the website at:

Kubota Krone Pre-Season Catalogue 2023

Kubota’s Autumn Catalogue has great finance deals on the company’s full range of farming equipment from tractors and UTVs to mowers, balers, cultivators, seeders and more.

Seed Force Winter Crop Guide​

Seed Force is an Australian seed company supplying 100% research-backed cultivars to farmers across Australasia. The company’s winter crop development program covers wheat, barley, oats and canola.

Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2

Goldacres is enjoying huge success with its all-new Series 2 G6 Crop Cruiser proudly manufactured right here in Australia.

Jadan Big Bale Stacker

Using just one man and one tractor, the Jadan Big Bale Stacker operates quickly to collect and stack big square bales into stacks of 6 or 4 bales, for storage or transport. With a robust, simple design you can be assured that the Stacker will fill your requirements of a fast, uncomplicated hay handling system.

Caterpillar D3 Skidsteer Loaders

Caterpillar’s new D3 Series machines offer an improved operator experience, greater stability and productivity boosting technology like the line of new Smart Attachments.

Lely Astronaut Automatic Milking

When you spend one third of your working life on repetitive tasks like milking, you can imagine the possibilities it brings when you automate those tasks. The physical relief, time savings and greater flexibility offer opportunities for each farmer. It allows you to focus on the more important things, like herd health, improved management and, of course, family life.

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Kawasaki farm bikes and all-terrain vehicles

Don’t miss the chance to see the very latest Kawasaki STOCKMAN farm bikes built especially to get across any type of ground and to quickly and efficiently check-up on livestock, and even take on some steep terrain where no other wheeled machine would dare.
And take a look at the latest release all-terrain passenger vehicle, the MULE PRO-FXT. The MULE is the smartest Side-by-Side currently on offer as it can carry 3 adult passengers with an extended tray or reduce the tray size and you get the benefit to fit in 6 adult passengers.
The MULE PRO-FXT takes everything to the max with a load capacity of 733kg and a 907kg towing capacity in an all-terrain vehicle with the largest cargo area in in class.
Check through the catalogue now, and for more information see more on the Kawasaki website at:

W & P Pumps Catalogue

W & P Pumps are specialists in irrigation equipment supplies and installations. They offer a comprehensive range of products at a competitive price, and with complete after sales service. The company has strong dealer affiliations with many pump, machinery and equipment manufacturers. W & P supply Diesel motors, quality Centrifugal Pumps and the best prices on Pressure pumps. The company has expanded from a small family business formed in 1986 ato now employ 25 full-time staff in a large, well-equipped factory to deliver a wide variety of items at affordable pricing and complete after-sales support across Australia.


Aricks Australia is an engineering company with a strong farming background dedicated to designing, producing and supplying equipment to improve the no-till seeding performance of John Deere disc seeders.

IrrigationBox Product Catalogue

If you have been searching for a one-stop irrigation supply specialist, you have found it with Irrigation Box. They have the largest range of agricultural irrigation sprinklers – soft and hard hose irrigators available. And better still, Irrigation Box only offers the best quality and efficient irrigation supplies ranging from gear drive, impact irrigation sprinklers, connection stands, sprinkler carts, latest technologysoft and hard hose travelling irrigators, pumps, lay flat hoses, plastic and metal irrigation filters, valves and fittings so our valued customers can maintain perfect irrigation on their land. Take a look at what Irrigation box can supply for your operation.

EM Machinery Rhino Feed Mixers

Distributed in Australia by Armour Group, the range of Rhino Feed Mixers from European builder EM covers the range from the single auger FX500 with a 5m3 capacity up to the double auger FX2600 with a 30m3 capacity.