Kubota electric multi-purpose vehicle is armed for farm jobbing

Kubota has designed an electric vehicle to handle ag jobbing with a three-point hitch to carry out all current implement tasks Always a company that gives the impression of wanting to keep up with the Joneses has seen Kubota release a prototype electric vehicle the company expects to eventually make available to farmers. Farmers in […]

Brandt Industries expands its product range and growers are set to benefit

Brandt Agricultural Products include a full line of Grain augers, Belt conveyors, Chaser bins as well as Grain vacs and bagging unloading equipment designed to deliver value Brandt’s agricultural product lines include a full arsenal of grain handling and bagging equipment.  From their expertise in grain harvesting, the company has also developed a high-speed disc […]

GUSS autonomous sprayer wins Henty Machine of the Year 2023

The Henty Machinery Field Days are underway and 23 companies put up entries for the Henty Machine of the Year Award with GUSS taking the top prize A ground-breaking machine not only enhances productivity, precision, and efficiency but also reduces operational costs, overhead expenses, and ensures the safety of workers has won the coveted 2023 […]

El Niño is official and homeowners have as much to fear as farmers

The Bureau has declared an El Niño event along with the dangerous combination of a positive Indian Ocean Dipole and it’s quickly gathering pace The Bureau of Meteorology (The Bureau) has put off the bad news for as long as possible, not wanting to stampede the masses, but has finally declared that an El Niño and […]

John Deere two-row CH960 cane harvester much faster to fill a trailer

With a season under the belt one Proserpine cane grower swears by his John Deere CH9 Series cane harvesters for reducing work time and faster haul-outs With half the 2023 crushing season now complete, Proserpine QLD cane farmer Sam Orr has found the two-row John Deere CH960 Harvester has transformed the demands placed on the […]

Soybean could be a high value cash crop for more growers

Growers could be onto a new cash income if they can get their hands on a guide to growing soybean as a rotational crop Local growers and agronomists can get free soybean training and technical resources to grow a cash crop with a just released online manual that explains everything. Adapted from the ‘Better Soybean […]

AGI next generation augers deliver high capacity from low input power

The increased performance many growers now require following the past three record seasons is available with AGI Westfield MKX2/X2 and AGI X2 augers now offering more options AGI has added next generation of hardworking, swingaway augers – the AGI Westfield MKX2/X2 and AGI X2 Series – to its lineup of high-quality portable grain handling solutions. […]

Cotton growers get dream finish as season peaks just short of a record result

Exceptional quality reported as cotton picking nears completion for season 2022-23 With around 85% of the local cotton crop picked, growers and cotton gin operators are reporting better than expected yields and, in some cases exceptional quality despite the challenges thrown up this year. Indications are that the 2022-23 picking may be close to last […]

Serafin Ultisow Forward Fold disc seeder has everything built in

Farmers have been working with Serafin Machinery for the past two years to make certain the Ultisow Forward Fold S24 FF has everything on their wish list Serafin Machinery believes it has designed the ultimate new disc seed bar model based on feedback from its long-term customers. That model is the S24, the biggest Ultisow […]

Goldacres G8 Super Cruiser SP sprayer is fully loaded

Local Ballarat-based spray manufacturer Goldacres is holding true with its flagship G8 Super Cruiser built to be versatile and for the long haul Goldacres stamped out all broadacre farm operations as their very own patch when they released the 8000-litre G8 Super Cruiser self-propelled sprayer to an adoring group of buyers in 2016. With obvious […]