Goldacres G4 Crop Cruiser S2 gears up for a reveal all roadshow

Goldacres promises everything operators have asked for in a lightweight self-propelled sprayer with 4000 litres onboard and booms out to 36m Before the upcoming roadshow events take a look at the background of the G4 Crop Cruiser Series 2 build and be armed with the information to ensure an ideal configuration for your operation. Goldacres […]

Mealybug pest potential highlighted for grape growers and horticultural crops

Research backed by Nutrien Ag Solutions over the past few seasons has the longtailed Mealybug on the run and deemed for future eradication Completing an extensive study of mealybugs on two Margaret River wineries and integrating the research findings into practical advice for growers is all part of the job for Scott Paton from Nutrien […]

Westfield Augers Australia offers a product line that suits local growers

Offering the greatest combination of lengths and capacity options than any other auger brand has grown Westfield Augers Australia into the market leader Growers in the grain industry have come to realise the benefits of dealing with one supplier that can meet every need for shifting their valuable grain product efficiently to achieve the best […]

HE-VA adds more models for trash handling and deep ripping

More dealers are being appointed to handle the HE-VA range as it expands its cultivation models into more growing regions Following the popularity of the HE-VA deep ripper line now worked by many local growers, well known industry identity Jorn Ib has expanded the range of HE-VA cultivators and they are proving ideal for our […]

Croplands introduces Stara Imperador 4000 and RBR Vortex 390 sprayers

A mid-mount and high-volume sprayer have strengthened the Croplands self-propelled spray line for the coming season Croplands currently has its most impressive line of self-propelled sprayers for the past 50 years available this season with the addition of the Stara Imperador 4000 with a mid-mounted boom and the high capacity simple to operate RBR Vortex […]

Commander Ag-Quip is taking orders for grain handling equipment and silos

Self-propelled grain augers are available for the coming season from Commander Ag-Quip in lengths from 10 to 21.5m (34 to 71-ft) along with field bins and silos Commander Ag-Quip has been supplying the nation with top-range grain and livestock handling equipment for over 30 years with a dedication to using locally sourced materials, particularly high-quality […]

HE Silos Gunnedah celebrates 55 years with season orders taken now

With a proud 55 years of supplying equipment to local growers the third generation of the HE Silos family step up to supply all grain storage solutions HE Silos Gunnedah is operating today as a proud third-generation family-owned rural manufacturing business supplying a wide range of custom designed silos to suit on-farm storage and large […]

Robinson Helicopter is deeply entrenched in outback farming success

A video starring Bryce Nietvelt owner of Riverina Helicopters reveals how Robinson Helicopters play a vital part in his rural region’s agriculture production Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC) is an undisputed world-leading manufacturer of civil helicopters and has starred in the Riverina Food Bowl in NSW in its latest episode of the “Climb Higher” video series. […]

Canola pests are under attack from beneficial insects spiders and mites

GRDC is attempting to recruit what it terms beneficial insects to attack known pests in Canola to combat pesticide resistant strains Grain growers are expected to benefit from improved pest management strategies with the commencement of two research projects by GRDC focusing on beneficial insects (beneficials) in Canola.
 The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) […]

Building drought resistance into crops is under intensive research

Developing cropping seed varieties to combat extreme drought conditions is part of a collaborative project now well underway If a wider approach to research is effective, it could result in improving drought adaptation in crops where growers in marginal regions will be saved from current seasonal seesaw calamities.  More focus on integrating research into drought […]