Vineyard of the Year Awards list the top wineries for 2024

Experts in viticulture and wine highlight wine growers offering shining examples of success despite uncertain weather patterns and dwindling returns If you are planning on a little tipple to celebrate or simply to relax and ease the tension, take a look at the offerings from what experts have described as the best vineyards for 2024. […]

Fruit and vegetable growers have the most to gain from the upcoming season

With fruit and vegetable prices remaining above average growers are expected to boost production for increased returns this season Strong horticultural production combined with rising export demand for key varieties are expected to hold producers in good stead over the back half of 2023 according to a report from the Rural Bank that counts fruit […]

Young farmer of the year Mitchell McNab stands by robots for farming

Following the successful completion of a Nuffield Farming Scholarship Mitchell McNab has taken a leading role in developing robotics in horticulture Australia’s Young Farmer of the Year says robots can play a key role in tackling worker shortages and labour costs for fruit growers and is hands-on helping a Victorian based company start-up to develop […]

John Deere makes its case to horticulture growers

John Deere has one important message to share with local horticulture growers – we’re here and we’re ready John Deere Australia and New Zealand Production Systems Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski, said the John Deere team wants to demonstrate the company’s commitment to supporting the producers of high-value crops had never been more of a priority.  “The […]

Fruit grown locally holds the key to citrus disease resistance

Citrus fruits native to Australia hold the key to ward off the invasive effect of HBL currently attacking growing areas across the US and Africa A comprehensive map of the genome of a native lime species that is resistant to a devastating citrus disease could be the key to preventing that disease from entering Australia. […]

Avocado trade expected to grow in an increasingly competitive market

The once hard to sell thick skinned Avocado with greasy content is finding favour in several world markets with our own exports booming With Avocados becoming popular in trendy sandwich bars and Bistros it backs up forecasts the global Avocado trade will continue to grow in the next few years. However, there is a major […]

BASF will release Axalion insecticide into our local market first

BASF will start its first global registration in Australia for Axalion insecticide billed as having a more environmentally friendly active ingredient Australia will be the first global market for the launch of BASF’s Axalion™ Active, a novel insecticide active ingredient that controls harmful piercing and sucking insect pests. Uses for Axalion-containing products include fruits, vegetables, […]

Vineyard of the Year award narrowed down to the top 50 contenders

Selected from over 6,000 leading growers the award has been narrowed to a list of Australia’s top 50 vineyards to a select the kingpin grape grower The Vineyard of the Year Award was created in 2020 to place vineyards across the nation at the heart of the Australian wine story, and the heart of the […]

What to expect from Horticulture production in 2023 according to Rural Bank research

High production costs are continuing to squeeze grower margin but demand will keep fruit and vegetable prices above long-term averages Low irrigation costs and improving growing conditions will drive strong fruit and nut production in the first half of 2023. Vegetable producers are expecting some short-term supply shortfalls following a challenging spring and summer planting […]

Georgia Beattie named Organic Woman of the Year 2022

The Australian organic industry is handing out their annual awards and the prizes are being hotly contested A focus on diversity, sustainability and technology has earned Georgia Beattie the title of Organic Woman of the Year at the 2022 Australian Organic Industry Awards. Georgia is CEO and Managing Director of Australia’s largest organic mushroom farm, […]