Rotech Rural make Post and Rail Fencing simple with a strong build

Local family-owned fencing business Rotech Rural has released its RailTight range with an extra strong screw on end bracket to boost post and rail fencing strength Rotech Rural has been developing rural fencing solutions for more than 20 years and remains committed to improving products for farmers and rural contractors by making farm fencing easier. […]

Saputo gazumps Fonterra with opening milk price for season 2024-25

Hot on the heels of Fonterra advising their farmgate price range for season 2024-245 Saputo has increased the stakes with an opening milk price of $8 to $8.15 per kgMS Saputo Dairy Australia (SDA) has announced to suppliers its opening weighted average milk price of $8.00 to $8.15 per kilogram of milk solids (kgMS) for […]

Fonterra announced farmgate milk price for season 2024-25

With a suggested farmgate price range from $7.25 to $8.75 per kgMS Fonterra is hinting at a mid-point of $8.00 per kgMS Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd has plenty to announce but of utmost interest to dairy farmers is an estimate of what they can expect to receive for their product in the 2024-25 season and […]

Cattle market is in balance with price upside potential ahead

With the Bureau declaring El Niño is over it’s expected beef prices will be relatively stable in 2024 trading in a band between 600 to 750c/kg cwt The cattle market is sitting in a “state of balance” – with improved beef production waiting on an increase in demand – while an upside in prices is […]

Low gas output bred cows move to the front line of climate change fight

With methane playing a major role in climate change breeding less flatulent cows could significantly reduce rising emissions levels aggravating climate change A Curtin University study has revealed breeding less-flatulent cows and restoring agricultural land could significantly reduce rising methane emission levels, which play a considerable role in climate change. The food system, including grazing […]

NDE FS1400D offers a big stock feeding capacity

The big capacity NDE FS1400D feed mixer has 40.3 cubic metres of product to get around more stock and cut back on time before a refill is required NDE has released the high capacity 40.3 cubic metre FS1400D feed mixer for big beef and dairy operations and it’s allowing producers to feed more stock far […]

Williamson Agri expands product line to livestock and feedlot equipment

Williamson Agri has added Bunkersweeps and Pen-scrapers to their product line to join their highly regarded deep ripper range Williamson Agri believes that farmers’ profitability comes first and hold values of following strong agricultural science and observing changing agricultural practices. And while being rooted in the knowledge that farmers know their land and how to […]

Hydrosmart system cleans pipes and softens hard water for stock and crops

By adding the low cost to run Hydrosmart system to livestock and cropping operations has the advantage of improving performance To improve the quality and ensure the integrity of farm water, South Australian-based agricultural water engineering specialist Hydrosmart has pioneered across 25 years its truly innovative physical water conditioning system. Livestock producers have found it […]

Haymate offers high capacity feed out carts for round or square bales

This line of bale feeders from Haymate Australia can be handled by just one person from start to finish Haymate Australia has developed a line of heavy-duty hay feed out carts that can be Ute or tractor drawn with the capacity to hold four round bales or five square bales. Local customers in the Tatiara […]

Black Box herd management allows for the most accurate decision making

Drier conditions mean many livestock operations will need better data to manage the herd and cull out the non-performers With an El Nino weather event now officially forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology, livestock producers are preparing for the possibility of an extended dry period and considering what this means for herd management. Reducing breeding […]