CHT Australia can greatly improve soil structure through smart water harvesting

Recent tests show that adding product to improve soil works better with mineral coated carbon particles as that provides a platform for long-acting slow release NPK fertilisers and soil ameliorants

CHT Australia has identified a mechanism to manage hydraulic conductivity and as a result the company is combining Biochar technology into their Soil conditioners

CHT Australia, part of the German CHT Group has been testing ways to retain irrigation and run-off water through influencing soil hydraulic conductivity and has viewed the benefits of adding carbon coated minerals to improve soil health.

The tests conducted show how small changes in soils’ physics and chemistry impacts with significant changes in its hydraulic conductivity.

The tests reveal how water losses are greatly manifested by pooling and run off, and drainage causing loss of nutrient as well as loss of plant available water.

Consolidation of clays and their penetration resistance is also a serious aspect that growers need to consider in the context of irrigation strategies.

CHT Australia asserts that it is imperative growers understand how to instigate long-acting physical changes to the soil to promote a biologically active environment.

This begins with control of water infiltration, penetration resistance and drainage behaviour to optimise fertigation programs for yield outputs and cost inputs.

It has been shown through various paddock trials the changes in soil behaviour that can be achieved through colloidal chemistry of inorganic siloxanes polymers.

Various formulas’ have demonstrated the ability to mitigate dispersion and slaking without the use of conventional calcium sources or organic materials, to now provide a new agronomical tool to manage water ingress and retention with significant accuracy.

Paddock trials have so far shown

  1. Reduced penetration resistance (reduce run off and increase root propagation)
  2. Reduce drainage potential (reduce leaching and optimise irrigation cycles)
  3. Increase water retention (increased plant available water)
  4. Increase water infiltration (water harvesting)

The result of the trials is more clearly demonstrated in the video found here, water infiltration and root development in the Yarra valley.

It was shown that root growth direction was diverted from horizontal growth retained in the first clay soil horizon to a more vertically downward growth when roots were able to break through to the second horizon as they follow newly created water reserves.

Having establish a mechanism to manage hydraulic conductivity, CHT Australia in association with Professor Stephen Joseph AM is combining Biochar technology into their Soil conditioners.

The tests conducted showcase the benefit of combining the synergies of micronised BIOCHAR and colloidal AQUA-SIL. This respective combination has led to revealing a slow-release source of NPK with optimum hydraulic conductivity.

The resultant products, with their inherent highly functioning mineral coated carbon particles provide a platform for long-acting slow release NPK fertilizers and soil ameliorants.

From the tests conducted so far, CHT Australia has identified micronised carbon coated minerals that will produce biologically active subsoils. These results will now be used to promote carbon capture that is based around better root propagation as a primary long-term objective.

CHT Australia will be showcasing their test results and subsequent technologies at the Irrigation Australia Exhibition and Conference in Adelaide from the 5 to 7 October 2022.

Core sections of hole 13 (left) and 4 (right). Core from hole 4 shows a root growing at a depth of 100mm where previously it only grew to about 50 to 60mm. Furthermore, moisture is present to the full depth of the core at 200mm compared to 80mm before the treatment

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