Claas has widest mower on the market


CLAAS has extended availability of its new MAX CUT disc bed with the addition of six new disc mower models one of which, the DISCO 1100C BUSINESS, is the widest mounted mower combination on the market with a maximum working width of 10.30m. Source: AFDJ eNews

While this new addition will mainly appeal to contractors and larger farmers, the other five additions are at the opposite end of the CLAAS range.

With working widths of 3.00m and 2.60m, the new DISCO 3150 and 2750 are designed for users looking for a straight-forward mower that is easy to operate and can be used on smaller tractors.

All these latest models feature the new MAX CUT disc mower bed, which was launched last year.

Designed and built by CLAAS, the MAX CUT bed features a wave-shaped leading edge. This allows the discs to be mounted further forward, resulting in greater overlap between blades and an enlarged cutting area for an improved cut and flow through the mower.

The bed is fabricated from pressed steel that is bolted together, making the bed torsionally stronger and avoids the risk of cracking resulting from heat stresses caused during welding.

The two rear mower units on the DISCO 1100C BUSINESS are mounted on telescopic arms that allow the working width to be altered from 9.40m up to 10.30m when used in combination with a 3.00m-wide DISCO 3200 PROFIL front mower.

This variable working width allows for a greater overlap to the front mower for working across hills or when turning around corners and then reducing the overlap when working in straight lines.

For transport, the telescopic arms enable the DISCO 1100C to be folded down to below 4.00m in height and 3.00m in width and the mower units are hydraulically locked and unlocked.

For storage, like other mowers in the DISCO range, the 1100C can be stored folded up to save space.

Both mower units incorporate a non-stop hydraulic breakback protection system as standard and the adjustable ACTIVE FLOAT mower bar suspension system.

The standard specification for the DISCO 1100C also includes hydraulically folded protective covers, full disc speed monitoring and if required the PTO speed can be reduced from 1000rpm to 850rpm in lighter crops to save fuel.

The new DISCO 1100C BUSINESS is fully ISOBUS-compliant, so can be set-up and controlled using any ISOBUS terminal, such as the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR and S10 steering terminal, or now also via an iPad using the new ‘EASY on board’ app, and all the main functions assigned to function buttons on the tractor.

At the other end of the CLAAS mower range, the new DISCO 3150 and DISCO 2750 models bring the advantages of the MAX CUT mower bar to the smaller end of the DISCO mower range.

The DISCO 3150 and DISCO 2750, which have a working width of 3.00m and 2.60m respectively, are fully mounted and available either as a straight mower or with a metal-tined conditioner.

In addition, a trailed mower/conditioner version of the DISCO 3150 is also available.  Unlike current CONTOUR models in this working width, which feature adjustable ACTIVE FLOAT hydropneumatic suspension, the new DISCO 3150/2750 use a simple spring suspension system to ensure that the mower accurately follows the ground contours.

The mowers can also be fitted with wear skids or high-cut skids for topping which are 30mm high.

As on other mowers in the MAX CUT range, the drive train is designed so that in less dense crops it can be run at a reduced PTO speed to help save fuel.

On 1000rpm versions, this can be reduced to 850rpm and on 540 rpm versions to 460rpm.

On models fitted with the metal tine conditioner, the tines are mounted on rubber blocks so that they deflect out of the way of any objects passing through the mower.

The tines can also be reversed in order to alter conditioning intensity.

For transport, the mounted versions of the DISCO 3150/2750 are folded up using a single acting ram and secured in place by a latch operated via a rope from the cab.

Using an optionally available frame, the mower can also be stored folded up to save space.