Claas offer Torion wheel loaders for farms

The low range CLAAS Torion 535 and 639 models are ideal for livestock operations while the three mid-range CLAAS Torion models deliver more power for handling grain, fertiliser and other bulk material and at the top end is the CLAAS Torion 1914 and 1812 models that provide top performance for large farms and contractors.

CLAAS has revealed its first range of high-performance wheel loaders for handling farm produce and materials. The Torion range with seven models on offer has been developed in conjunction with German materials handling specialist Liebberr who also manufactures the current CLAAS Scorpion telehandler range.

At the entry-level are the Torion 535 and 639 models that are positioned for use in livestock operations. These agile models offer maximum tipping loads of 3.45 and 3.85 tonnes respectively and are easy to operated. Clearance height is under 2.5m.

Both run off a reliable 50kW (68hp) Yanmar Stage IIIB engine and an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with two drive modes offering speed from 0 to 6 or 0 to 20kph with just a touch of a button.

For low speed work such as mixing feed, the amount of hydraulic oil can be controlled via the creep speed control.

With their low centre of gravity it ensures optimal stability, even when working on uneven terrain. The central articulation/swivel joint also dampens bumps, providing additional safe handling.

The engine is mounted very low and well towards the rear. This unique position creates a counterweight to the lifting zone, reducing the need for ballast, tyre wear and fuel consumption.

The mid-range Torion 1410, 1511 and 1177 models, offer maximum tipping loads from7.75 to 9.75 tonnes will be ideal for growers and contractors requiring power for silo compaction or for handling grain, fertiliser and other bulk material.

They are powered with the same fuel-efficient DPS Stage IV engines found in CLAAS Arion 500 series tractors that deliver from 103 to 123kW (140 to 167hp). They are all fitted with a ClAAS Dynamic Cooling system that auto matches fan speed to engine demand.

An option some dusty operation will consider is an integrated reversing fan system, that automatically removes dirt from the radiator grille.

The hydrostatic Varipower transmission provides three drive modes,0 to 6, 0 to 16 and 0 to 40kph for optimal adjustment to prevailing conditions.

These three mid-range models can be equipped with either P- or Z-kinematic systems. P-kinematics spreads the load across the entire lift zone and has higher holding forces in the upper working area, making it suitable for most agricultural work.

By comparison, Z-kinematics has a very high breakaway torque, allowing the bucket to be tipped quickly.

Mid-range Torion models are equipped with a 175mm (7-in) touchscreen.

The ergonomically-designed joystick allows precise and easy operation of all boom functions. While the direction of travel can also be changed easily with a toggle switch on the handle.

Alternatively, the optional multi-function lever has an additional four-way control lever that can be used to control up to four hydraulic circuits, ideal when operating a high dump bucket or silage grabs.

At the top of the power bracket the flagship 1812 and 1914 models offer maximum tipping loads of 11.1 and 12.4-tonnes. These models are designed to meet the higher power demand and performance required large-scale operations and agricultural contractors.

They are powered by Liebherr Stage IV engines that deliver 143 and 168kW (195 and 228hp)respectively, and this power is coupled with a continuously variable CMatic (CVT) transmission.

The boom is available with either agricultural or Z-kinematics.

All Torion models are fitted with a generously dimensioned cab with optimal all-round visibility. The large front windscreen extends laterally from the cab floor to the roof, providing an uninterupted view.

The tapered boom narrows toward the cab, ensuring optimal visibility of the load and the attachment at all times. The rounded rear window provides the operator with an optimum view to the rear when on the move.

Mid and high range models can also be equippped with a Smart Loading operator-assistance system that optimises machine performance while at the same time is able to reduce the operator’s workload. This system automatically returns the bucket and boom to preset positions and lifting and lowering limits using the joystick.

A touchscreen-based weighing system is available as an option in all models.

Other options include a high-lift boom that can achieve a maximum loading heights of 4.64m at the pivot pin.