Claas ties itself in knots


CLAAS claims the new QUADRANT 5300 and 5200 – the replacement models for the popular QUADRANT 3300 and 3200 – are the fastest square balers on the market. Source: AFDJ eNews

The QUADRANT 5300 produces 1.2 x 0.9 metre bales, while the 5200 produces 1.2 x 0.7 m bales.

Product Manager – CLAAS Greenline, Luke Wheeler, says the drive trains of both models have been extensively upgraded to maximise performance, bale density and driver comfort in all conditions.

“In the 5300, rotor speed has increased by 13% to 180rpm, rotor clutch torque has increased by 10% to 14% and the packer clutch torque has increased 13% to 9500 Nm,” he said.

“Likewise the packing performance of the 5200 has been increased by 30%, while the ram frequency has increased by 10 percent. The bale chamber has been extended by 40cm to 3.85m to achieve greater bale densities and more stable bales at high throughputs.”

QUADRANT 5300/5200 are the first large square balers available with an infinitely variable, hydraulically-driven reversible intake.

“Combined with the power feeding system and rear roller crop press, this feature allows the intake speed on the 2.35m wide pick-up to be perfectly matched to suit conditions,” Mr Wheeler said.

“The intake speed can be increased to maximise throughput in lighter conditions or decreased to minimise leaf loss when baling sensitive crops, such as lucerne. In the event of a blockage, the intake can be easily reversed from within the tractor cab.”

Feed options include Roto feed (no knives), Roto cut (25 knives) and Fine cut (51 knives).

The addition of a new automatic pressure control system means the QUADRANT 5300/5200 can be operated at its maximum capacity, regardless of operator experience.

“The driver simply enters the desired bale density and the quality of twine being used in the ISOBUS terminal before starting,” Mr Wheeler said. “The baler automatically regulates the baling pressure based on measurements provided by three sensors mounted on the knotters and one on the main frame.

“This means even an inexperienced driver can maximise production and produce uniform bales, irrespective of the quality of the baling material”.

The optional knotter control system features sensors on all six knotters for even greater control and knot miss tie detection.

QUADRANT 5300/5200 both feature the new CLAAS HD knotter.

“CLAAS has been designing and manufacturing its own knotters since 1921,” Mr Wheeler said. “Its patented single knotter is known throughout the world for its reliability without producing unwanted twine residue and waste. In developing the 5000 series, CLAAS revisited its oldest patent and developed a completely new high-performance HD knotter.”

The new design includes a modified knotter bill hook and twine retaining plate and an active twine finger assembly control system, ensuring more secure and reliable knotting with all types of twine.

The high-performance TURBO FAN active air ducting system keeps the knotter clean and free of residual material at all times.

Using technology developed for LEXION combine harvesters, two electric motors produce a constant airflow of 140 km/h, which is then oscillated over the back and sides of the knotter.

The knotter frame can now be swivelled upwards without using any tools to simplify maintenance. The knotter twine box and needles can also be optionally equipped with LED lighting.

The QUADRANT 5300/5200 is controlled using the Communicator II terminal or “EASY on board” tablet-based app.