CNH Industrial takes over crop spray boom manufacturer Specialty Enterprises

This latest acquisition by CNH Industrial could see the fastest fallout of a customer base for some time as many leading badges rely on the Specialty product line – in direct competition with CNH’s Case IH Patriot range

Case IH is set to benefit from CNH’s buyout of Specialty Enterprises as the company is a key supplier for its Patriot sprayer range that is seeking to advance its position within the competitive crop spraying sector

Now inducted into the CNH Industrial fold, Specialty Enterprises LLC (Specialty) is claimed as North America’s largest manufacturer of premium aluminium spray booms for agricultural applications.

From the Specialty manufacturing facility in Wautoma Wisconsin USA, the company has been supplying booms to the Case IH Patriot line of crop sprayers since 2020. 

This purchase by CNH Industrial may well see current Specialty customers in stark opposition to Case IH quickly seeking out a new supplier, and the list is extensive, it includes booms fitted to AGCO sprayers, Buhler-Versatile sprayers, Hagie sprayers, John Deere sprayers, Miller Nitro sprayers, New Holland sprayers, Oxbo sprayers and RBR sprayers.

The direct ownership of spray boom production is the latest step in Case IH’s strategic road map for its sprayer product platform to dominate world markets.

As the company works to enhance its application-product offering, the inclusion of longer, lighter booms enable accelerated development and deployment of new technologies. These solutions will be implemented across the Case IH product portfolio.

Case IH does not hide its aim to become the leading worldwide player in crop protection spraying equipment and gets a leg-up with this latest CNH Industrial Investment buyout of leading supplierSpecialty Enterprises LLC

“We are thrilled to be working so closely with Specialty, which has been a fantastic partner to Case IH over the last few years as we deliver more productive application solutions,” said Scott Harris, Case IH global president.

“This acquisition strengthens our in-house capabilities and allows us to retain key strategic personnel to ensure continuity in this vertical integration,” Scott added.

The acquisition of Specialty signals Case IH’s continued commitment to furthering its offering under the Agronomic Design tag — helping operators maximise yield and ROI potential.

As aluminium spray booms are up to 50% lighter than their steel counterparts, they are claimed to result in less soil compaction, less rutting and better weight distribution.

“At Case IH, one of our primary crop production goals is to help operators cover more ground more efficiently — with solutions that are built to last,” said Monte Weller, Case IH global product manager for Crop Production and Hay & Forage product lines.

“This acquisition will be key to providing operators with the equipment and agronomic solutions they need to feed a growing world,” Monte concluded.

Specialty is a manufacturer known for its advanced engineering and high-quality workmanship as a world-class welding operation.

The company’s sprayer boom design incorporates multiple patents to virtually eliminate the fatigue cracking associated with other aluminium boom designs. The aluminium used by Specialty is sourced and extruded in the United States.

This latest acquisition by CNH Industrial is expected to reinforce the global expansion that subsidiary Case IH plans for its Patriot range of crop sprayers

Meet the Millennium aluminum spray boom

Specialty is a well-researched first prize buy for CNH Industrial, as the company claimed the leadership in aluminum spray boom development when it released the Millennium boom.

This spray boom like no other is said to give applicators all of the advantages of a lightweight aluminium boom, yet with the durability and ruggedness of a steel boom – and in the longest spans yet designed in an aluminium build.

Specialty knew it had a market first preference leader in the Millennium spray boom, its release followed years of product engineering and paddock testing and was sanctioned through in-paddock operators that ticked it off every step of the way.

Now CNH Industrial hold the key through Case IH Patriot models in making the Millennium spray boom the one that operators ask for as spray technology develops moving forward.

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