Connectivity is the answer for farmers of the future

Seamless connectivity between machines, operators and fields is at the heart of John Deere’s latest FarmSight precision farming solutions for arable farmers and contractors, which were featured at Cereals 2017. Source: AFDJ eNews

John Deere sees the future of farming in connectivity, making the most of machine, field and agronomist data in the decision making process.

The company is pioneering the use of such data based around the website portal and a range of connected machines and systems.

The utilisation of real-time machine and field data and the provision of a wireless connection between the farm or contractor’s office and machinery operators open up significant opportunities in three key areas: increased uptime, higher performance and reduced operating costs all combine to improve production margins.

The Operations Centre in serves as the central online location for farmers and contractors to connect to their machines and their fields. It also allows a wide range of partners to support customers in running a successful, sustainable and competitive business.

These include implement manufacturers, agricultural input suppliers, software companies and agricultural service providers such as crop advisors and other specialist consultants.

John Deere customers who buy a Connected Farm Management package with their machinery can benefit in a number of ways.

Connected to their local John Deere dealer, they are not only buying technology solutions but also receive the appropriate level of product support.

Connected to satellites with AutoTrac and iTEC Pro, they benefit from automatic guidance and fully hands free steering systems; connected to implements with Tractor Implement Automation, both machine performance and operator comfort can be enhanced; connected through the mobile phone network to John Deere FarmSight telematics solutions, customers can improve their overall business performance.

With the JDLink telematics system, remote display access (RDA), wireless data transfer (WDT) and mobile data transfer (MDT) are available to connect all-makes machines and ISOBUS implements to the customer’s personalised Operations Centre through

With the customer’s approval, John Deere dealers can remotely connect to machines to update software, access diagnostic codes and perform troubleshooting.

Using RDA, farm managers, experienced operators, the local John Deere dealer or even an implement manufacturer can provide remote operator support to optimise machine and/or implement set-up and help with any operator queries.

WDT allows two-way exchange of set-up files, prescription maps and documentation data between the office and the machine in the field. It automates data transfer and reduces the risk of losing information.

MDT delivers similar basic features to WDT, but mainly targets older John Deere machines and equipment of other makes that are not enabled for CANbus data collection with JDLink.

Both of these solutions can save customers significant time and add flexibility by supplying reliable real-time data.

John Deere has also developed the new MyJobConnect and MyJobsManager apps, which help users to organise and carry out jobs more efficiently and cost effectively in real time via mobile devices, without the need for paper records.