Coolamon Spreaders ride the wave of strong demand

Coolamon Spreaders
Large capacity Coolamon spreaders offer the versatility of spreading a range of granulated products such as lime, gypsum, potash, urea, poultry manure, feedlot waste and superphosphate.

Coolamon Spreaders of southern NSW say they have been hit by a massive spike in demand for their spreaders and chaser bins.

Shane Cummins of Coolamon says there has been a shift to large capacity trailing spreaders built locally.

Coolamon’s Victoria regional sales manager Shane Cummins said the Federal government’s instant asset depreciation incentive coupled with the turnaround in the seasonal outlook had put farmers in a buying mood.

“Across all of NSW and Victoria without exception, the crops are in and up and running,” Cummins said.

“We had a massive month in May in terms of sales from Goondiwindi to Geelong. The focus has shifted from livestock feeding to urea application.”

Coolamon spreaders are capable of a controlled spread of up to 50 metres, and give a consistent 36-metre coverage of urea and a 15-metre coverage of lime.

Machines range from 7500 to 14,500 litres and are ideal for granulated products such as lime, gypsum, potash, urea, poultry manure, feedlot waste and superphosphate.

Running on a proven bearing system, spinners are polyurethane with rounded backs, creating a negative pressure at the centre of the disc and pulling the product into the middle before throwing it out.

Shane Cummins said there had been a swing towards large capacity trailed spreaders for urea application.

“One of our strong points is we are now accredited to 36m with urea, which is driving a lot of sales because people can see the benefits of the huge efficiency gains offered by a high-capacity trailing spreader,” he said.

Over past the past three to four years in the paddock, Coolamon spreaders have earned themselves an excellent reputation with growers impressed by their build quality.

Coolamon trailed spreaders have capacities from 7500 to 14,500 litres

In addition, the world created by the COVID-19 pandemic has brought Australian manufacturing to the fore because after sales backup and service on overseas built machinery has become harder to ensure.

“The general market sentiment is, let’s make sure our food is safe and is coming from a secure supply chain, and that is transmitting into the machinery sector,” Cummins said.

“As an Australian manufacturing business coming out of COVID, from an employee’s perspective, I believe Coolamon was on the front foot from day one.

“The company had systems in place from the start and was proactive in their measures.

“Now with the increased tax incentive from the Federal government and favourable seasonal outlook, we are set up to sell out of stock pretty smartly.”

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