CropScanAg becomes new trading name for Next Instruments Pty Ltd

Look for the CropscanAg name when searching for a quality grain analyser as it’s the new name for marketing the CropScan suite of products

CropScan 3300H users can now manage the quality and quantity of grain as it is harvested and then stored on-farm with the N-GAUGE Grain Logistics app

Next Instruments Pty Ltd manufacturers a range analysers and instruments for the agriculture and food industries and over the past five years, the company has grown significantly through the sales and marketing of the CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyser.

To focus the business on this revolutionary technology, Next Instruments is changing its trading name to CropScanAg using the following logo.

Next Instruments has partnered with CropScanAg Solutions, which has developed a mobile App called N-GAUGE, to deliver a suite of services and products to users of the CropScan 3300H analyser.

Next Instruments trading as CropScanAg is the exclusive distributor for the CropScanAg Solutions

N-GAUGE services and products.

The first module for the N-GAUGE Mobile App is called N-GAUGE Grain Logistics which allows CropScan 3300H users to manage the quality and quantity of grain as it is harvested and then stored in the paddock and on farm.

The N-GAUGE Grain Logistics App displays a Virtual Storage System setup for the farm and shows the running average for protein, moisture, oil and starch plus weight for the grain stored in each storage unit, i.e., chaser bins, mother bins, field bins, silos, bags etc.

Every load of grain that is transferred from the combine is tracked from the paddock to on-farm silos or shipped off to buyers or elevators.

N-GAUGE Grain Logistics App also allows the farmer or his field manager to direct the flow of grain from the combine to the storage units using their Smart Phone, iPad or tablet PC.

A Blending Estimator tool allows the user to blend grain from two storage units into a truck or field bin to achieve a specific Protein or Oil grade, thereby optimizing crop payments.

CropScanAg plans to introduce a complete on-farm solution to measuring, managing and growing grains and oilseeds.

The slogan, “MEASURE, MANAGE, GROW” encompasses the CropScanAg 5-year strategy to improve productivity and profitability of grain farming based on measuring Nitrogen in the form of Protein using the CropScan 3300H analyser and the N-GAUGE management tools.

For more information, see the website: or contact CropScanAg on tel: 02 9771 5444 (Australia) or 1 720 435 1139 (USA/Canada).