CRT FarmFest has strong interest for 2019

This aerial view of the Kingsthorpe Park site that houses FarmFest shows the vast expanse that caters for over 2000 exhibitors eagerly sought out by the 65,000 visitors in attendance

Despite much of Queensland receiving below average rainfall in many parts of the state and then conflicting above average rainfall further up north, strong interest from exhibitors and visitors alike grows for Queensland’s premier agricultural field days – CRT FarmFest.

The giant primary industry event, held at Kingsthorpe just outside Toowoomba in Queensland, will be staged over three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 4, 5 and 6 June 2019.

Fairfax Rural Events, organisers of CRT FarmFest, has been taking a steady stream of enquiry since the conclusion of last year’s event.

Group Manager, Kate Nugent said the feedback received from many agri-business manufacturers and service providers across the nation has positioned this year’s CRT FarmFest in a very positive light. “I am certain we will also see strong showing of interest and support from farmers and people on the land,” Kate added.

This year CRT FarmFest will be highlighting modern innovation in the agribusiness industry and for the first-time, the event will host free-to-attend seminars focused on a variety of topics dedicated to all agri-business professionals.

In terms of numbers of visitors, FarmFest is among one of the largest outdoor agricultural industry events and counts among its attendees over 65,000 farming families and consumers.

“It’s a great networking, buying and selling opportunity – it’s about discovering new trends, enjoying an amazing spectacle, testing new products and much more,” Kate said.

CRT FarmFest is located on its own dedicated site at Kingsthorpe, just 20 kilometres west of Toowoomba, in the heart of the Darling Downs, one of Australia’s richest agricultural regions.

This special event is designed to offer display, promotional and sales opportunities to all agri-businesses, from big farm machinery, tractors, tillage and irrigation equipment to pumps, power tools and everything in between.

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