Cutmans expands well known Ashmore line

Cutmans Engineering grain augers are designed to work through the time critical harvest period without a breakdown

Ashmore Engineering was running for over 17 years when Cutmans Engineering took over their product range in 2017 with the objective to reinvigorate some of the popular lines sought out by farmers and contractors.

Since that time, Cutmans has focused on building up their models, with an emphasis on building highly reliable hay and grain handling and feeding equipment.

Grain augers that maximise delivery rate

Cutmans Engineering’s hydraulic drive grain auger has a vastly simplified design to maximise reliability and substantially reduce maintenance costs.

To ensure continuous delivery throughout harvest these hydraulically driven augers dramatically improve in-paddock performance by reducing and eliminating the use of parts most typically associated with wear, tear and breakage such as pulleys, belts, chains and sprockets.

The reliability and loading capacity of Cutman’s augers is paramount to their design, with a 29kW (40hp) Kohler petrol engine that maximises flow rates with delivery of up to 3 tonnes/min.

Ground drive comes as standard, the high torque hydraulic motor connects directly onto the tail-shaft to provide differential drive to the wheels and positive drive in the roughest conditions. It is easily disconnected for transport.

Other standard features include spring mounting to reduce shock loading in rough conditions, avoiding damage to the auger and associated maintenance costs.

To save time, the fuel tank can be removed for refuelling, eliminating the need to transport the auger to the fuel source.

The Feedmax 4, 6 and 12 made by Cutmans Engineering are large, tractor-driven models capable of carrying four, six or twelve 8x4x4 or 8x4x3 square bales respectively

Feed-out trailers that save product usage

Another area that Cutmans is now specialising in is stock feeding equipment that can be handled by one person.

Cutmans Engineering’s range of Feedmax feed-out trailers tease out the hay to create a windrow that is both softer and therefore more palatable to stock.

Buyers of Cutmans Engineering’s Feedmax range have reported decreased usage of feed up to 30%, enough to payback the purchase cost of the unit within 12 months depending on the size of operation.

The Feedmax 2 is capable of feeding out two 8x4x4 or 8x4x3 square bales or two 6×4 round bales. It is available either as a PTO tractor tow unit or and Engine Drive Ute towed unit.

The Feedmax 4, 6 and 12 are larger, tractor-driven models capable of carrying four, six or twelve 8x4x4 or 8x4x3 square bales respectively. These models can also handle round bales.

With an overall width of just 1600mm Cutmans has designed its straw mulcher for narrow vineyard and orchard rows with the capacity to handle one big square or two round bales

Straw mulcher for vineyards and orchards

Cutmans Engineering’s straw mulcher was primarily designed to apply mulch to vineyards and orchards to reduce water loss.

It has the capacity to handle one big square or two round bales.

With an overall width of just 1600mm (5.2ft) it can run conveniently down narrow vineyard rows.

The usual setting is for the cross conveyor to deposit material to the right of the machine, but it can also be configured to deposit any material in centre of row.

The cross-conveyor belt is fitted with flexible fingers to assist feeding material from the conveyor to the ground.

Fully hydraulic operation reduces the number of mechanical components with the benefit of less wear/tear and downtime/maintenance costs.

For more details on this expanding range call Cutmans Engineering on tel: 08 8843 8151, mobile 0422 823 819, or email:


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