Cyclone relaunch elevated silos

The current Cyclone product range includes on ground and sealable silos with diameters ranging from from 7.31 to 29.2m (24 to 96ft) that are able to handle on-farm and bulk storage capacities from 200 to 5000 tonnes

Cyclone Silos has been providing grain storage solutions in Australia for over 45 years with products that have a reputation for longevity and reliability, with hundreds of satisfied customers Australia wide.

In times of manufacturing decline and globalisation, Cyclone silos remains proudly Australian designed and made at Jindera NSW.

Built from galvanised high strength corrugated sheet steel and hot dipped galvanised accessories, is what makes Cyclone silos strong and durable.

With increasing incidence of severe weather events, Cyclone Silo engineers have undertaken a comprehensive design review to uprate all products.

Cyclone can now offer a 1 in 200-year wind event certification while continuing to comply to a all relevant Australian standards.

All Cyclone silos are delivered with a structural certificate of compliance. These certificates ease the approval process with local government, provide reassurance to insurance companies and deliver peace of mind to owners.

The Cyclone product range includes on ground and sealable silos from 7.31m (24ft) to a massive 29.2m (96ft) in diameter. Delivering storage capacities from 200 to 5000 tonnes.

Cyclone silos has a silo to suit any requirement. In addition, many of the designs can be upgraded in capacity should the future need arise.

Recently, Cyclone Silo engineers have validated existing designs for elevated silos, and relaunched the 3.6, 5.5, 6.4 and 7.3m (12, 18, 21 and 24ft) diameter elevated silo range.

These silos provide a wider range of storage options, ensuring that Cyclone Silos can meet any market demands.

For a full turn-key solution, Cyclone partners with experienced grain storage advisors and installers in most states.

The combined strength of Cyclone and its partners means they can offer expert advice, as well as the complete design and installation of silo-based grain storage systems. These systems include storage, loading and unloading, aeration, monitoring and control systems.

When you’re ready to review your grain storage requirements contact Cyclone Grain Storage Manager, Andrew Fisher on 0439 018 125 or the Cyclone Customer Service team on 1800 199 450.


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