Cyclone Silos are generation backed

A recent Research Report issued in August 2018 on sealing silos, documented that a number of Cyclone large on-ground silos were independently tested and passed sealing status to Australian Standard AS2628

Cyclone grain silos are designed in Australia for local growers and have achieved the status of being a well-known and trusted brand.

Cyclone Silos has at its very base the fact that all the units are manufactured at Jindera NSW with a proven reputation that spans many generations of farmers.

Recognised as a major player in the rural industry, Cyclone has been manufacturing Australian made silos for over 40 years, allowing farmers a wider variety of options in grain marketing.

Manufactured to be strong and durable utilising hot dipped galvanised high strength structural grade steel, Cyclone silos are offered in a range of standard sizes from 7.3 to 14.6m (24 to 48ft) in diameter, with a wide range of designs able to store between 218 to 1,743 tonnes of wheat.

But storage can be increased substantially by installing a purpose built and designed Cyclone on-ground silo.

Cyclone silos are manufactured from hot dipped galvanised high strength structural grade steel, making them strong and durable. A Structural Design Certificate is available for any new Cyclone silos needing this for a Development Application (DA)

By adopting a specially design fabrication it offers the ability to store from 2,000 to 5,000 tonnes of grain in each silo.

An advantage with Cyclone is the silos also have the unique ability to be upgraded to increased capacities as a farm produces higher levels of crops and ubsequently on-farm storage requirements grow.

The advanced design and heavier gauge steel sheets at the base means that Cyclone silos are strong and stable, combined with the optimised roof slope that maximises the amount of poured grain that can be stored.

While the wide corrugation profile of the galvanised steel walls help to reduce the risk of internal obstructions.

This also limits the risk of “hang-ups” that can harbour insects and fungi and lead to grain spoilage or downgrade.

Cyclone offer one of the most extensive ranges of silos – here is a sample of the extensive sizes, shapes and capacities available

There is now a major trend to increase on-farm storage as it gives growers more flexibility at harvest time to work to their own schedule.

In addition, growers can wait until prices peak and even blend product to maximise prices.

Storing on-farm allows you to choose when and to whom you sell, to maximise the price achieved.

It’s often shown that when selling at harvest time you are largely at the mercy of the going price, and that is often lower than expected.

Another advantage shown when installing an on-farm silo is the capital value it adds to the infrastructure of a property.

And while it depends on the season and harvest timing, many growers have been able to recoup the outlay by gaining higher prices, within the first or second season.

Many growers are also relieved to be free of expensive hold ups or fees at public receivable sites.

There is the added advantage of hedging against future drought conditions by being in full control of stored product.

With current Insect control and moisture management measures readily available growers are able to maintain on-farm grain in an ideal temperature range of less than 23C during summer and less than 15C during winter.

Silos are still the most favored method of storing grain, accounting for 79% of all on-farm grain storage facilities nationally.

Cyclone Silos are the safe and economical solution that has been re-engineered to suit increasingly extreme weather conditions.

Cyclone now offer a standard 1 in 200-year event certification (previously 1 in 100 year), and that is sure to be added peace of mind for grain growers and insurers.

Cyclone is proud to partner with experienced grain storage advisors and installers.

This means you can discuss your silo requirements, receive comprehensive advice and organise for the complete installation of an on-farm silo grain storage system.

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