Dairy Australia awarded a $310,000 grant to increase trade in South East Asian

Dairy Australia have been awarded a $310,000 grant from the Australian Government to reduce technical barriers to trade across six markets in South East Asia.

The grant would enable dairy exporters to build on our trade agreements and identify and reduce the impact of technical barriers to trade.

Technical barriers include measures such as product testing, shelf life and food labelling.

These requirements add costs to exporters and often impede their ability to get Australian products to international markets.

Dairy Australia’s General Manager of Trade and Industry Charles McElhone said the grant would build on work already undertaken by the government.

“We are trying to identify and address resolvable obstacles to trade that might exist in six key markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines,” Mr McElhone said.

“Once we’ve identified the obstacles, we will be able to work with our industry counterparts, Agriculture Counsellors and stakeholders in these countries to make life easier for exporters.”

Value of the local Dairy industry

·       The Australian dairy industry is forecast to be valued at $4.3 billion in 2020-21.

·      Dairy exports are forecast to be valued at $3.7 billion in the same time period.

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