Dairy farmers score energy efficient grants worth up to $10 million

More than 500 dairy farms across Australia will share an estimated $10 million in funding to help improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and lower on-farm emissions.

The federal government announced on Monday the successful applicants in the Energy Efficient Communities Program – Dairy Farming Business Grants program, an initiative that was developed in partnership with Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) following last year’s federal election.

This initiative provides grants of up to $20,000 with no co-contribution required to help dairy farming businesses save energy and lower bills by installing more energy efficient appliances on farm.

“Dairy operations are energy intensive and heavily impact a farmer’s bottom line,” ADF President Terry Richardson said.

“This program is essential not just to mitigate the excessive cost of energy, but also to contribute to Australia’s emission reduction targets.”

Eligible projects funded under the grants program include:

  • Replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment;
  • installing or replacing a component to help an existing system run more efficiently;
  • energy audits;
  • investment feasibility studies for energy efficiency upgrades; and
  • monitoring of energy consumption and emissions.

Financial relief for businesses was a major component of ADF’s 2019 federal election platform, delivered through the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC).

In this manifesto, the organisation argued for businesses to receive tax relief for installing or upgrading to more energy efficient or renewable energy systems.

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